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For All Your Air Conditioning Needs, Depend Upon The Experts At 1-800-Cold Air!

For the leading air conditioning company in the greater Jacksonville area, be sure to choose 1-800-Cold Air. Our team of experienced air conditioning technicians receives advanced training on every possible air conditioning issue. We pride ourselves on the work ethic, knowledge, and training of our staff of professionals. Our team will be happy to help with any air conditioning problem that you may have, no matter how large or how small. No air, warm air, or an inoperable system can be resolved by a contacting 1-800- Cold Air.

Why choose 1-800-Cold Air?

  • Service – Our outstanding customer service department will start the process with you. Our representatives will work hard with you to gather the needed information to pass on to our service technicians, so they will be ready to go to work when they arrive. Our technicians are some of the best in the business with years of experience and training. This experience and training will help them solve your air conditioning problems.
  • Price – Air conditioning costs can be expensive. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and repairs at the lowest price possible. We can do this because of the efficiency of our technicians, plus the belief that you should pay only for the service that you receive. There will never be any hidden charges in our bills, and you will know before we begin a repair, what your final price will be.
  • Selection – By providing our customers with a wide choice of name brands and models, we will have just the right unit for your home, if you need either a new unit, or a replacement unit. We inventory a wide range of replacement parts allowing us to make your repairs the day that we are contacted. Our customer service team will also work with you so that you can receive all rebates and tax credits that might be available with the purchase of a new air conditioning unit.
  • Dependability – Having served the area for many years, we have a reputation for being on time, and completing the necessary repair the first time, without the need for follow-up visits. Our experience, training, and concern for our customers, combined together, allows us to arrive at the job on time, complete the job in a timely fashion, and keep you as a satisfied customer.

The importance of a reliable air conditioning system

An air conditioning unit is an integral part of a healthy and comfortable home. By maintaining a constant temperature throughout the home, the air conditioning system provides a comfortable environment throughout the year. Additionally, a properly maintained unit will provide the cool airflow that will deter the growth of mold in ductwork, and throughout your home. Maintaining a service agreement with 1-800-Cold Air will allow your air conditioning system to function as planned.

Potential air conditioning problems

  • No airflow – There are many reasons why your air conditioning unit may stop working. In our Florida climate, electrical connections may become brittle or corroded, not allowing electricity to flow properly, causing your unit not to work. Other times, the thermostat that controls your unit, may not be functioning properly. Sometimes the controls have been set improperly or there may not be a power failure to the control unit.
  • Warm airflow – If the airflow from your air conditioning unit is not 14 degrees below room temperature, then there is a problem with your air conditioning system. A warm airflow can be the result of any one of several problems. The condenser that is located outside of your home, may not be functioning because of electrical problems or because the condenser has failed. Sometimes the unit will “freeze-up.” Ice will form on the unit because of dirty air filters, a blocked return air vent, or a low level of refrigerant. Even without the “freeze-up” problem, low levels of refrigerant can cause your air conditioning unit not to produce cold air.
  • Inconsistent temperature – If your home has cold and warm spots, there is a problem with the distribution of the cold air coming from your unit. By adjusting the vents and the air flow within the ductwork, usually there can be created a more even flow of air throughout your home.
  • Moisture around the unit- Occasionally moisture will collect around the air handling unit located within your home. When this occurs, it must be addressed quickly. Excessive moisture will cause damage to the surrounding surfaces causing long term deterioration that could create consequences that will affect the value of your home, such as mold or rotting wood.

All of these problems can be easily addressed by the air conditioning services of 1-800- Cold Air. By having annual maintenance performed, many of these issues will never arise as they will be found and corrected before the problem surfaces.

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