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Are You Looking For Air Conditioning Repair Or Furnace Repair In Huntsville, Alabama?

Air conditioning repair and furnace repair are extremely important wherever you live, but especially in Huntsville, Alabama. The local climate is especially unforgiving to homeowners in need of air conditioner repair or heating repair. During the summer months, temperatures routinely exceed ninety degrees, leaving everyone inside of a home sweating and miserable. Although Huntsville winters are typically considerably milder than Huntsville summers, occasional cold snaps drop the temperature to well below freezing. These low temperatures are actually a greater concern for many residents, as they do not have secondary heating systems or proper winter attire. You obviously want to find a high quality provider of air conditioner repair or furnace repair as quickly as possible, but where do you start? There are plenty of disreputable technicians out there who may end up making your problems worse and costing you far more in the long run. Luckily, there is an easy way to find a highly skilled and eminently qualified air conditioning repair and heating repair technician in Huntsville. All that you need to do is pick up your phone and dial 1-800-Cold Air.

What heating repair and air conditioning service can 1-800-Cold Air provide for my family?

1-800-Cold Air aims to meet every single one of our customers’ heating repair and air conditioning service needs. The same families keep calling us year after year, whenever a furnace or home air conditioning issue surfaces, from installation to replacement and everything in between. This allows us to get personal experience with the eccentricities of a particular unit and home, and therefore provide highly customized and personalized service. It also affords us the opportunity to forge and nurture relationships with our neighbors, an opportunity we truly cherish. Even better, all of our heating and air conditioning repair service is performed by eminently qualified professionals with years of experience working in the Huntsville area and dealing with the unique environmental and regulatory conditions present in the city. The many heating and air conditioning services 1-800-Cold Air can provide for your family include:

  • Furnace and home air conditioning inspection for homebuyers and investors
  • Furnace and home air conditioning installation
  • One-time and regularly scheduled furnace and home air conditioning maintenance packages
  • Troubleshooting of furnace repair and air conditioner repair problems
  • Heating repair in all its many forms
  • Air conditioning repair in all its many forms
  • Heating and air conditioning replacement

How often will I need furnace or air conditioner repair service?

The frequency with which you will need furnace repair or air conditioner repair will vary dramatically depending on a number of factors including the age of your units, the frequency with which they are used, the temperature that you set your thermostat to, where your units are located, and etcetera. Luckily, proper maintenance can greatly reduce the frequency with which you will need air conditioner repair and furnace repair. Maintenance not only keeps your furnace and air conditioner functioning properly, it can also alert you to potential future problems and gives you the opportunity to resolve them before they become more serious. Maintenance is so successful at keeping your furnace and air conditioner functioning that it can actually extend the usable life of your appliances by several years, allowing you to delay costly furnace and air conditioning replacement and therefore get the most value for your money. 1-800-Cold Air strongly recommends that all homeowners have a professional perform maintenance on their furnaces and home air conditioning units at least twice a year.

Why should I choose 1-800-Cold Air for my heating repair and air conditioner repair issues?

Every day, homeowners from across the United States call 1-800-Cold Air for their heating repair and air conditioner repair needs. The many reasons why they do so include:

  • All of our local air conditioning repair and heating repair affiliates are required to prove that they are sufficiently licensed and insured to practice in Alabama.
  • Our national standards of excellence protect customers in communities just like Huntsville across America.
  • Our local Huntsville affiliate provides the convenience and familiarity of hiring a neighborhood air conditioning repair or furnace repair technician.
  • The prices we charge for heating repair and air conditioner repair are highly competitive, both nationally and locally.

We service Huntsville, Alabama and all of Madison County, including the communities of:


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