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1-800-Cold Air. The Vanity Number Lead Generation Program That Outperforms The Rest.

YOUR Leads Are Exclusive

The 1-800-Cold Air lead generation program will make an effective and profitable change to your company’s marketing.

As a member, you are part of the ONLY lead referral company that connects a memorable toll-free vanity number instantly and directly to your office or mobile phone line. 1-800-Cold Air is nothing like any other lead generation program out there because we do not provide your lead to 5 or 6 of the competing air conditioning repair companies in your area – It is strictly YOUR exclusive lead. With a live telephone call you have a “hot lead” and within seconds you are able to have a one-on-one conversation with the customer, which ultimately results in greater sales.

With 1-800-COLD AIR, you will never pay for LEADS!
You can now use 1-800-COLD AIR in your local marketing!

You Choose From Which Counties To Receive Leads

Every call to 1-800-Cold Air and all website repair requests from the counties you select are directly and exclusively delivered to you in real time. If your air conditioning company is located in Atlanta, callers in Cobb County, GA dialing 1-800-Cold Air are instantly connected to your business line. Every repair request sent via email from Cobb County is also only sent to you. It’s easy to get started. Just select the counties you wish to get new business from. Counties sold on a first-come-first serve basis.

Receive Leads by Phone AND Internet

Customers call 1-800-Cold Air
Customers call 1-800-Cold Air,
which rings to your office.
Customers complete a simple form, and it's emailed to your office.
Customers complete a simple form,
and it's emailed to your office.

The Exclusive 1-800-Cold Air Network Creates A Top-Tier Company Image.

Because our referral program is “exclusive,” and limited to only one member per county (you can choose to own multiple counties) only about 750 air HVAC businesses (about 2% of the 57,000+ nationwide) can become a member in the 1-800-Cold Air lead generation program. Your membership in the 1-800-Cold Air program is an asset of your company and may be assigned in the event you ever sell your business.

See if your county is still available.

The Recall Advantage of a Vanity Number

Consumers have a 77% better recall rate for a vanity phone number over a numeric one. In the HVAC repair industry, 1-800-Cold Air is THE memorable leader among a sea of forgotten competitors.

A Clever Strategy for Independent HVAC Companies

The 1-800-Cold Air referral program provides you with a strategy to fight back and “level the playing field” against the larger regional HVAC chains who spend thousands in television advertising.

Customers Remember the Number Months or Years Later

Once a customer sees the 1-800-Cold Air number, it will become emblazoned into their memory. The next time they need service they will undoubtedly remember how to reach YOU every time. When asked for a recommendation, they can simply reply, “Just call 1-800-Cold Air”!

Click-To-Call Mobile Technology

Our strategy is built to do one thing - drive high value leads to your air conditioning and heating repair business. This means using the most advanced and effective lead conversion technologies available. As mobile phone internet searches outpace desktop/laptop searches, 1-800-Cold Air is positioned to help your business capitalize by implementing inbound click-to-call technology. A customer arriving at the 1-800-Cold Air mobile site can simply touch their Smartphone display CALL NOW button and they will be instantly connected to you. Click-to-call puts your business right at your prospect's fingertips.

Mobile Callers Are More Likely to Convert To Customers

Mobile users usually have the intent to order a service or make a purchase immediately. The smart-phone user is quickly trying to find an answer to a problem and is normally much closer to making a purchase.

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