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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best units to purchase?

This ultimately depends on many factors, your living/working situation, home or commercial building size and the yearly temperature range in your state. By calling 1-800-Cold Air you can have an on-site service technician evaluate your current situation and recommend some brands and units that would be best for your home or commercial building.

I’m not at home most of the day, therefore should I shut my air conditioning unit off completely?

No, it is recommended that you raise the thermostat to 82 or 83 degrees. This allows your unit to use less energy and to quickly recover to a cooler setting once you return home.

I’ve read that during an electrical storm I should I shut my air conditioner off. Is that correct?

Yes. Although units have ‘thermal protection’ - we recommend that you shut it off just to be safe. By calling your 1-800-Cold Air authorized member, you can request information on supplementary installations for additional protection.

At night, should the air conditioner be shut off?

No. The best strategy to save energy is to simply raise the thermostat a few degrees.

About how many times per year should I have my air conditioner checked?

We recommend about two times a year. You can speak with your 1-800-Cold Air affiliate to discuss regular maintenance agreements and they can provide you with more information.

How long should a quality air-conditioning unit last?

It all depends on the amount of use and the environment in which the unit operates. Call 1-800-Cold Air and your local neighborhood a/c service company will be able to best answer this question.

“High-efficiency air conditioning”—what does this mean?

Efficiency is determined by the amount of BTU’s of cooling generated, compared to the electrical wattage consumed by what a “standard” equipment would produce on average. The higher the rating of the system, the more efficient it is.

The measurement is based on S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Speak with one of our 1-800-Cold Air members today to learn more about the effects of installing a highly efficient unit.

About how much money could I save by using a “high-efficiency air conditioning unit”?

A lot! Studies have been conducted over the years to determine the return on investment of installing a more efficient system compared to old, outdated units. It has been found that there is a 30% to 50% return on using a more efficient system.

Should I close the vents in the rooms that are not being used often? Will that save me money?

This approach is not recommended because closing the vents can create an imbalance of humidity and air conditioning throughout the home. Additionally, the savings in closing the vents is relatively insignificant compared to changing the thermostat a few degrees.

How many times a year should I clean (if it’s washable) or change my filter?

Every few months is what we recommend but anytime you see it’s dirty, then it’s time to change it or wash if it’s a washable filter. More than likely you will only need to do this two or three times a year.

How can I determine if my current air conditioning unit is large enough?

Only a qualified service representative can do an on-site analysis and determine the effectiveness of your current air conditioning unit. Call 1-800-Cold Air today to request a consultation.

Directly after I turn my heat on, I smell an odor similar to burning wires, what does this mean?

This is normal for every heating device. The ‘heat strips’ are made of wires similarly compared to that in your toaster. When you first turn on your heat, the dust particles that have collected on them burn off causing the smell.

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