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If you are searching for air conditioning service in the Colorado Springs area, it can be difficult to find the best provider among all the competition. Any homeowner can dial 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote" form on this website to be directed to local expert HVAC technician. The 1-800-Cold Air network is comprised of only the most trusted small businesses in the Colorado Springs area. They will provide affordable and reliable work on short notice. All of this service is backed by a contractor with a minimum of five years experience that provides full service on any heating and cooling equipment. Call 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote form" to be connected immediately with a professional repair company in your area.

Air conditioner repair service can be critical to the air quality and comfort of a home.

When the air conditioning and heating inside a home are functioning correctly, nobody will notice that they are even doing their job. The furnace or home air conditioning unit is responsible for so much of everyday comfort, that most people forget they are even running. They keep the air in a home clean and conditioned to the desired tastes of the residents. Some of the more overlooked traits of the modern HVAC system are tied directly to air quality. An air conditioner that is properly maintained will filter out all of the following:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Moisture
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Dust

How does responsible air conditioning service help maintain the health of a home and its occupants?

The mass production of air conditioning units and use of them around the world has led to significant improvements in many people's lifestyles. Air conditioning and heating doesn't just modify the temperature inside a home, it affects the humidity. High humidity that comes with most warm air can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. By controlling the temperature and airflow in a home, the likelihood of these things causing health problems goes down significantly. Calling for heating repair services of air conditioning repair services is not just a matter of comfort, it improves the overall health of the people living in that home.

What are the warning signs that a home may need heating repair or air conditioning repair service?

There are many signs that point to a home needing air conditioning replacement. Some of these issues are big investments that require a new unit entirely, while others are simple issues that can be repaired at little to no cost. The most important thing to keep in mind when determining if your unit needs work is that preventative maintenance is almost always less expensive than waiting for a unit to stop functioning entirely. A home owner should be vigilant for any of the following symptoms of an air conditioner that may be on its way out:

  • Air conditioning won't turn on or is very slow to start. This can be caused by a broken thermostat or a bigger problem with the electrical input to the main unit.
  • Uncomfortable open spaces that don't feel the right temperature. This can point to a unit that is having issues with airflow. This problem can often be traced to filter issues.
  • Rising utility costs for the same service as the previous year. This can be an indication that the air conditioning unit is not operating as efficiently as it should.
  • AC unit will not start. If the compressor fails on a machine, it will no longer start or function as it should. This may be the clearest sign that a new AC device is required.

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