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Searching For An Air Conditioning Repair Service In Denver?

When a homeowner finds themselves needing their air conditioner or furnace inspected, they can be overwhelmed by the amount of choices in the Denver area. You can choose to begin that search by dialing 1-800-Cold Air or filling out the "request a quote form" to be directed a local expert immediately. The businesses that participate in this referral network are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the heating and cooling field. They work is guaranteed to be top notch and they are capable of providing full service on any ventilation system. Whether a you need a routine inspection and filter change or a complete overhaul of an aging unit, the experts in this network are ready to please.

How does a properly maintained air conditioner affect the air quality and health of a home?

If a an air conditioner is properly serviced over the years it can greatly affect the comfort of a home. The best ventilation system is one that functions without ever being noticed. Regular maintenance is essential to keep a unit functioning and operating efficiently. A home that has a functional furnace or air conditioner filters many common irritants and also regulates the moisture levels of the air. The following list is just some of the more common examples of materials that a ventilation system affects:

  • Dust
  • Moisture and humidity
  • Pet dander
  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Pollen

When does air conditioning service or heating repair need to be performed?

The modern ventilation system needs to be inspected at least once a year. The filters on a system should be cleaned or changed out every three months. A trained professional will check an air unit for fluid levels, and ensure that moving machine parts have not worn out. During an inspection they will also check ducts for leaks and vents for clogs. These basic parts of a system can be essential to the effectiveness of the unit. A good technician will look for signs of mold or bacterial growth inside an AC unit that may be hidden from view. These buildups can severely lower the air quality of a home and cause occupants to be sick.

What are some of the common indications that a homeowner should seek out air conditioner repair of furnace repair?

While warning signs of a unit that needs repair are often wildly different from unit to unit, there are certain things that every homeowner can watch out for. You should always be sure to schedule preventative maintenance instead of responding to emergency situations. Sudden breakdowns can be both expensive and cause a home to go without proper ventilation for days or weeks. If a homeowner follows a careful schedule and reacts quickly to any breaks in the system, it can last for many years. Nobody wants to get caught without temperature controls on a boiling summer day or a freezing winter night. The following list holds a few examples of situations where heating and cooling units may be wearing out and need work done soon:

  • Rising utility costs when usage has remained the same as previous years. This can indicate a unit that has a broken thermostat or ducts that have developed leaks over the years.
  • An air conditioner that will not turn on. This is often the result of a bad thermostat, but can also be linked to a broken compressor or fan system. This may be a serious problem that needs a large fix.
  • Cold and warm spots throughout the house while the ventilation system is in use. This is often a result of poor circulation and clogged filters.
  • An AC unit that runs long or shuts off slowly. This is most commonly associated with a thermostat that is not functioning correctly. This can be a simple fix that most technicians will recognize.

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