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Who Should I Call For Exceptional Air Conditioning Repair In Fort Collins, Colorado?

We might enjoy breathtaking views of Horsetooth Mountain and skiing in the winter, but come summer time we can see upward of triple digits. That’s why at 1-800-Cold Air we know it is important to know that your system is operating in prime condition so it works when you need it most. Our certified technicians will respond to help you find and repair all small problems before they become larger and more costly issues. Call today to see how we can save you money while making your home the oasis that you desire. 

1-800-Cold Air experts can help you with all of your heating and air conditioning needs

How do you know who you can trust in the service industry? You don’t. At 1-800-Cold Air we know that this is a problem and that is why we have done all the legwork for you. Now when you call, you can be assured that you are reaching the top 2% of heating and cooling repair professionals in Fort Collins. When you call we will never offer services, parts, or labor that you don’t need. You can always expect that we will: 

  • Provide you with a written estimate. Our certified technicians will respond and perform a complete inspection. Before any work begins, we will offer you a written estimate of the costs involved to get your system back to 100%. No hassles, no surprises, just good old fashioned customer service.
  • Professional and friendly customer service. We truly believe that every customer is our best form of advertising. That is why at 1-800-Cold Air we only work with the most professional, upbeat, and friendly staff. We work hard to not only meet but to exceed your expectations. Call us today to see how we can change your opinion of the service industry.
  • We respect your time. We strive to keep all appointments on time so that we don’t waste a moment of yours. We know that you are busy and the last thing you want to do is waste an entirely beautiful day indoors, waiting. We will always treat you like the valued customer that you truly are. 

How can I tell if I need just a service call or an entirely new system?

Did you know that there are dozens of moving parts within your air conditioner and heating units? That means that there are as many ways something can go wrong. At 1-800-Cold Air, our expert technicians can respond to your location to perform a complete system assessment. This will tell you about the life you can expect to get out of your system. Our technicians will do everything to keep your aging system up and running to get the most life out of it. If the system fails all together or it is determined that maintaining it doesn’t make as much sense as it does to replace it, you can count on our experts for their years of knowledge, service, and experience to help you make an educated and informed decision about this large investment. Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. 

Are there benefits of having an air conditioning or heating system replaced?

There are many advantages to replacing an aging heating or cooling system in your home. With the advances in technology, you can count on getting the most compact and energy efficient system on the market. When you call 1-800-Cold Air, we can show you these benefits of replacing the entire air conditioning system: 

  • Cost savings! The fact that new systems are so energy efficient means that you can expect that they system will start paying you back with the first month’s utility bills. That will let everyone breathe a little easier!
  • Clean air. If anyone in your home is sensitive to allergens, the growth of mold combined with the floating dust, pet dander, and pollen is a concern. Advanced systems help you create an atmosphere that allows everyone to be comfortable, with the freshest air possible.
  • Peace of mind. If you purchase a new system you already get the peace of mind that it will be there when you need it most. But you also get the reassurance that a warranty is in place and anything that occurs down the road, is covered. 
  • Technology based control. With a new heating or cooling system, you can control the climate in your home with the push of a button or a programmable thermostat. No matter which method you choose it will mean huge savings each year off your utility bills.
  • Tax savings. Tax savings are possible in some cases where you have installed an energy efficient system. To find out of you are eligible, contact your local tax advisor.

We service air conditioners and heating systems in Larimer County and beyond

Anywhere in Larimer County, we have expert independent air conditioning contractors that are ready to help you. We can help if you live in or near any of these cities:


Old Roach



Estes Park



Virginia Dale

Red Feather Lakes

Pingree Park


Glen Haven







Teds Place

Pingree Park




Cherokee Park




Pinewood Springs


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