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For Air Conditioner Repair And Service, 1-800- Cold Air Should Be Your Choice!

Throughout Honolulu County, 1-800- Cold Air is considered the premier choice for air conditioning repair and service. Our experienced service technicians travel throughout the county, meeting the needs of all Honolulu homeowners. No matter what the problem, from air filter replacement to complete unit overhauls, our technicians are trained to handle the problem.

All of your home’s air conditioning repairs can be handled by 1-800-Cold Air

Your home’s air conditioning unit can experience a wide assortment of problems. By using our services, these problems can be resolved quickly and in a cost effective manner.

  • Low refrigerant – One common reason for your air conditioning system to stop functioning effectively is the low level of refrigerant that your system has. Over time, your system may have developed leak, allowing the refrigerant to escape the system, and into the air. Once the refrigerant reaches a certain level, your home’s air conditioning system will no longer be able to produce enough cold air to keep your home cool. Rather than just replacing the refrigerant, our service technicians will find the cause of the leak and prepare you an estimate to repair the problem.
  • Electrical problems – As your home’s air conditioning system ages, many of the connections will become brittle, or the connection will no longer have a tight fit. Once the electrical connection is broken, your air conditioning unit will no longer function. We will find those problem spots and correct them. Please remember that a thermostat, without the proper electrical impulse, will cause your unit not to function.
  • Compressor replacement – Compressors need to operate well, in order for your air condition system to function well. A compressors life can be shortened if the system starts and stops frequently. To avoid that problem, be sure that your unit is the right size for your home. A compressor’s life can also be shortened by being forced to run without proper airflow due to debris around the compressor, as well as clogged air filters, or blocked cold air returns. It is important to maintain the live of your compressor. Repairs to the compressor or the replacement of a compressor can be costly. Again, our skilled technicians will be able to find the right solution to all of your air condtioner’s compressor problems.

The importance of a 1-800-Cold Air maintenance service

To avoid air conditioner repairs, your home’s system must be maintained and serviced. Without air conditioning service, your home’s air conditioning unit will be subject to difficult situations which could lead to your system failing at just the wrong time. Our air conditioner service experts will be sure that your system’s air filters are clean, the refrigerant is at the proper level, the drains are clear and will not clog, and all wiring is checked in order to prevent possible problems. Proper maintenance is critical to extending the life of your home’s air conditioning system, and preventing system failures that will lead to other problems.

Why choose 1-800- Cold Air?

  • Service – The most important aspect of any air conditioner repair company is the training and experience of its service technicians. Every year our technicians receive hours of training to support their field experience. The training and experience levels of our team allow them to identify and remedy air conditioning problems quickly and effectively. Add to that our exceptional customer service department, whose team members will always greet you with a friendly Hawaiian welcome, whether it is in person or over the phone.
  • Price – 1-800- Cold Air prices are always the best that can be found anywhere. Our entire company works hard to find cost savings in our daily operations so that we can pass those savings on to our valued customers.
  • Selection – Our company offers a wide range of products. Each home is different, and therefore requires a different plan to meet its air conditioning needs. We carefully plan the design for each home, making sure that the equipment and service that we provide is appropriate for the design and structure of each and every home.

We Service all of Honolulu County, including:

Honolulu, Pearl City, Whitmore Village, West Loch Estates, Waimanalo Beach, Wahiawa, Mililani Town, Makaha Valley, Laie, Kawela Bay, Kapolei, Halawa, Aiea, Kahaluu, Huula, Kaneohe, and Ewa Beach.


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