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Are You In Need Of Air Conditioning Repair or Heating Repair In Boise, Idaho?

When you are having air conditioning or heating problems, every member of your home suffers, especially during the peak of summer when Boise averages 90 degrees or more and the depth of winter when temperatures average below freezing. Faulty air conditioners are not just uncomfortable, they can be dangerous. The searing heat of the southwest Idaho sun can turn the inside of a home into an oven, destroying property, causing illness and heat-related medical conditions, killing household pets, and even putting human inhabitants at mortal risk. Heating repair is even more important, as the frigid Idaho winters can cause hypothermia in minutes. Unfortunately, air conditioning repair and furnace repair are highly specialized and truly require. Finding qualified air conditioning and heating contractors can be a real challenge, but it’s simple when you call 1-800-Cold Air. We will connect you to a local air conditioning repair company who can help your family cool down. Give us a call today and find out what 1-800-Cold Air can do for you!

What air conditioning service does 1-800-Cold Air offer?

We aim to be the only air conditioning repair service your family will ever need to call, and we can do it all. Our members are air conditioning experts with years of experience serving the greater Boise area. We know what works here and what won’t. We handle every stage of an air conditioners life cycle, from installation to replacement. We can provide your family with the advice you need to make an informed decision about air conditioning repair services, and then provide the services themselves. The services that may be available in and around Boise include:

  • Home evaluation to determine air conditioning needs and limitations
  • Air conditioner installation
  • Air conditioner inspection of working and faulty units
  • Regularly scheduled and one-time air conditioner maintenance
  • Air conditioner repair troubleshooting when something goes wrong
  • Emergency air conditioning repair when you need your air conditioning fixed ASAP
  • Furnace Repair

What air conditioner maintenance does 1-800-Cold Air recommend?

Air conditioner maintenance is of the utmost importance for every homeowner. Routine inspections and maintenance can add years to the life of an air conditioning unit, helping you get the most value out of your existing unit and delaying a costly air conditioning replacement. We recommend that all homeowners have their air conditioners inspected professionally at least twice a year. Although these inspections can be done anytime, many customers find them to be most helpful in early spring before the unit begins heavier use and in the late fall after the heaviest annual use is over. You may find it advantageous to set up a routine air conditioner maintenance plan with our local Boise members.

Why is 1-800-Cold Air the right air conditioning repair company for me?

1-800-Cold Air is a conglomeration of locally-operated air conditioning repair technicians from around the country. We know that our reputation is dependent upon the quality of our membership, and we are very selective about who we let join. Our selection process is so careful, that only a single affiliate from Boise has been allowed to join. We make all potential members go through a pre-qualification process that includes providing proof that they are properly licensed and insured to practice in Boise, Idaho. Although it is always advisable to verify the credentials of any air conditioning contractors that you hire to work on your home, we have already taken the first step for you. The many reasons that homeowners from across the United States are calling 1-800-Cold Air for all of their air conditioning needs include:

  • All affiliated air conditioning contractors have had their licensure and insurance verified.
  • 1-800-Cold Air has solutions for all types of air conditioning problems.
  • Our local air conditioning experts have extensive experience with the unique climate and weather conditions found in Boise.
  • We provide the comfort and security that comes from hiring a major national air conditioning repair company with the convenience and familiarity that comes from a neighborhood air conditioning services technician.
  • Our prices are highly competitive on both a national and a local level.
  • Qualified for Air Conditioning Repair and Furnace Repair

1-800-Cold Air solves air conditioning problems throughout Boise and Ada County, including the communities of:



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