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Looking For Reliable And Trustworthy Air Conditioning Repair In Chicago?

There is no joke about your air conditioning problems in the summer or heating in the winter. With summer on its way you’ll want to make sure you to prevent breakdowns before the highest temperatures hit.

Chicago has some of the coldest winters, and with weather patterns as unpredictable as they’ve been the past few years, it’s difficult to know what to expect. You need to know that your heating unit is going to keep your family warm.

That’s why 1-800-Cold Air is the air conditioning contractor you can count on for both! Keeping your family comfortable is what we’re all about. We offer:

  • Emergency air conditioning repair – same day and 24-hours as well!
  • Air conditioner maintenance – keep your heating and cooling system in good shape year ‘round!
  • Air conditioning experts who have been in the industry for years – they know what they’re doing!
  • Air conditioner replacement – if it’s time to replace your unit we’ll make it affordable!
  • Complete Assessment – we will help you get the most out of your unit for the size job it has to do.

Why Should I Call 1-800-Cold Air Over Other Contractors?

In Cook County and, in fact, throughout the U.S.A., our name is known for quality, customer service and reliability. We provide competitive prices, expert technicians, flexible pay plans, and unparalleled guarantees.

We take pride in the national reputation we’ve built over the years. It’s important to us to keep it, and that means with each and every customer we service. It isn’t just something we say it’s what we do that counts.

Here are a few reasons we believe will help you trust that when it’s time to call an air conditioning contractor – whether you need repair, maintenance servicing or replacement, 1-800-Cold Air will be your first choice:

  • We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our motto is that our customers are always right and they always come first. While we know we have some of the best, most experienced technicians you can find anywhere, if you’re not satisfied with our workmanship we will return to your job until you are.
  • Our hiring practices are extremely rigorous. We look for technicians and subcontractors who have clocked not just hours but years in the air conditioning repair service industry. They know their stuff! All are heavily pre-screened to our strict standards and must be fully licensed and insured against damage.
  • Our customers know we are thorough. That’s because we spend time doing an inspection of every important aspect of your cooling and heating unit. We call it our “multi-point inspection” and we believe you will be extremely impressed.
  • You will get the very best price available. We are market competitive when it comes to price, and we add a price-match guarantee. Find it for less by written estimate of our competitor and we will match it!
  • You will make a decision based on facts and expertise. We’ll give you a thorough written estimate and our technician will explain his reasoning for recommending the work. You will never make a decision you don’t feel comfortable with.

Can You Make Sure An Air Conditioning Breakdown Won’t Happen Again?

It would be terrific if we could give you an iron-clad guarantee that your cooling and heating unit will never break down again but let’s face it, that’s not realistic. What is realistic is to tell you:

  • What needs repair,
  • Whether it’s worth repairing or,
  • With our air conditioning repair troubleshooting, whether we believe it will keep breaking down.

But, we don’t just base our recommendation on our one technician’s opinion. We look at facts you can average out:

  • The specific ratings of your unit make and model
  • The reliability reported about your unit’s manufacturer and brand name,
  • The testimonials of our multi-thousand customer base throughout the Nation.

So while we would like to offer a guarantee that if we fix it, your air conditioning problems will go away, it wouldn’t be ethical. When we give you our opinion it includes facts, statistics and experience -- the information you need to feel secure when you decide what your next step is – repair, maintenance plans or time to replace.

What Other Things Do I Need to Think About To Make A Smart Decision About Air Conditioners?

We’re glad you’re a consumer who asks the tough questions. Here are some things we believe are highly important for you to consider:

  • Maintenance Makes Sense: We recommend air conditioner maintenance programs just as your car mechanic recommends oil changes and auto maintenance. It keeps your unit running smoothly with fewer breakdowns and far more efficiency.
  • Save Time: First of all, 1-800-Cold Air knows that in Cook County your unit has to run hard all summer and all winter. We also know you’re a busy person and the less problems with your appliances and machinery the more time you have with your family and for your work. Our experience has shown us that maintenance programs are the best kind of insurance that you will minimize the chances of breakdown.
  • Insure Your Family’s Health: Your family counts on comfort of air temperature, but also of air quality. If you have a family member who is extremely young or extremely elderly they are far more vulnerable to big temperature fluctuations and to air quality problems like mold, dust, and other contaminants that can get into the air when filters get clogged.
  • Energy Efficiency of your Air Conditioning/Heating Unit: You wouldn’t use a spoon when you need a bucket. What we mean is, if your air conditioning/heating unit is not up to the kind of job that will supply your home without racking up your electric bill (and wearing itself out sooner) than we will tell you our honest assessment of the situation.

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