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Make 1-800- Cold Air Your Choice In Air Conditioning Repair!

When it comes time to choose an air conditioning service company, 1-800-Cold Air should be your choice. With convenient locations to get to your home or business quickly, with experienced service technicians, and with an outstanding customer service department, 1-800-Cold Air will meet all of your home’s air conditioning needs.

By choosing 1-800- Cold Air as your air conditioning repair company here are the benefits that you receive

Be sure that the company that you choose for an air conditioning service company, can meet the standards of 1-800- Cold Air!

  • Low Pricing – 1-800- Cold Air offers the lowest pricing on air conditioning service, repairs, and maintenance. If another air conditioning company offers a lower price, bring the quote to us and we will match their price, while providing top quality equipment and parts. 
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction – We back all of our service work and new system installations with our “guaranteed satisfaction” pledge. If any customer is not completely happy with the work that we have performed, we will come back, and make the situation right!
  • Great Customer Service – Our customer service representatives place a great deal of emphasis on making each of our customers are satisfied, and being sure that all of their questions are answered. We communicate with customers during, and after all work that we perform, answering any concerns that the customer may have.

Why you should protect your investment with a 1-800-Cold Air maintenance program!

The air conditioning system of your home or business is an expensive unit to have to replace. By maintaining the unit, a homeowner can extend the operative life of the unit for many more years over a unit that has been neglected and not maintained. A maintenance program is inexpensive, and it allows the air conditioning unit to operate without the various stresses that an improperly maintained unit has to endure. In addition, 1-800- Cold Air service technicians are able to spot potential problems long before they become major issues. By correcting these problems early, our technicians will save our customers money, time, and inconvenience. Finally, if you have plans to sell your home, a properly maintained air conditioning system, supported by documentation from 1-800- Cold Air, will add value to your home.

Problem areas in which 1-800- Cold Air can help

As your property’s air conditioning system ages, various problems will manifest themselves. These problems do need to be addressed as soon as they appear.

  • Water leaks – Condensation is a natural by-product of an air conditioning system. The system is designed to capture this moisture in the drip pan at the base of the air handling unit. From the drip pan, water is conveyed through a series of tubes to the outside of the home. It is these tubes that present the greatest problems to homeowners. Without maintenance, these tubes can become clogged with debris, not allowing the moisture to be removed from the drip pan. Because an operating air conditioning system is always producing moisture, the water in the drip pan will overflow, causing damage to adjacent ceilings, floors, and walls. If the problem is not addressed, the constant moisture will provide the right environment for mold to become established, and then spread throughout your home.
  • Insufficient cooling – An air conditioning system will operate for years, producing cool and refreshing air. Then, suddenly, the cool air stops, and warm air is all that the system will produce. This warm air could be caused by several things, some of them very minor. The first, and most basic cause, could be the air filters. Air filters need to be changed on a regular basis. Clogged air filters slow down the movement of air, and does not allow the air to be adequately cooled. Possibly, cold air returns may have become blocked in some manner. Just a chair pushed up against a cold air return can greatly alter the flow of air through an air conditioning system. If debris has collected around the outside air compressor box, movement of air could have been restricted from passing through the compressor’s protective box, causing the condenser coils to ice. Once these coils ice, cool air cannot be produced, and the coils must be allowed to thaw. 
  • System Replacement – To replace an air conditioning system in a home or business is a costly undertaking. Doing all that you can to maintain your current system is a wise path to follow. However, there comes a time when any system will need to be replaced. When the time comes for the system in your home or business, be sure to contact 1-800- Cold Air.

Contact 1-800- Cold Air for all of your home’s air conditioning needs!

Throughout Will County, 1-800- Cold Air provides exemplary air conditioning service and repair to the following communities:

Crete, Dupage, Florence, Green Garden, Homer, Joliet, Frankfort, Manhattan, New Lenox, Joliet, Reed, Troy, Washington, and Wesley.


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