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Attempting To Locate The Best Air Conditioning Repair Service In All Of The Hammond Area?

When an air conditioning unit or heater need to be repaired, a homeowner can be in for an arduous task when locating a competent technician in the Hammond area. Instead of going through a lengthy process of trial and error, a homeowner should simply dial 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote" form on this website. Either one of those two steps will connect the homeowner with a local technician that represents a small business in their area. The companies that are allowed into this referral network are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the field. With that experience comes the knowledge that their work is their reputation. The more satisfied a customer is, the more likely they are to maintain them as a client. These businesses stake their livelihood on the quality of their work and will often guarantee it for long periods of time. These businesses may be small, but they are capable of just as many tasks as huge corporations. They can provide many services that include a complete air conditioner or heater overhaul and annual inspections. If a homeowner needs to find a local expert in the heating and air conditioning repair field, they need look no further than 1-800-Cold Air or the "request a quote" form on this website.

What does a furnace and air conditioner do that keeps the air quality in a home so stable?

The air conditioner and heater are responsible for much more than temperature control in a home. The secondary benefits that come with these machines are critical to the comfort of any living space. The process that air goes through when it is being cooled condenses moisture and removes it. This lowers the relative humidity and keeps it at a comfortable level at all times. The heating process is similar but in reverse and allows for the relative humidity to rise in the air. In addition to humidity control, ventilation systems come with filters that remove many of the common irritants in a household. Air filters are responsible for keeping the air clean and breathable at all times. The following list details some of the most common factors in a home that the ventilation system filters or moderates:

  • Humidity- This is controlled by the heating and cooling process. A home is made much more livable because of these features.
  • Dust- This is so prevalent of an irritant in homes that it can actually clog filters at an alarming pace.
  • Mold- If a home has mold growing inside of it, it can be a major health hazard. Filters will capture spores before they can grab hold in a dark space in the home.
  • Pet dander- This is a common problem if a homeowner has one or more animals inside the house. This irritant is captured by filters and stopped from circulating.
  • Bacteria- This can be a major issue if one or more residents is sick. Filters will capture airborne illnesses and remove them from the airflow.
  • Pollen- This can be a major problem all year long. Filters will capture this material before it can come into the home and cause allergic reactions.

At what point should a homeowner seek out a technician for air conditioning service or heating repair service?

If a homeowner doesn't know when their air unit was last inspected, it is a good idea to have an initial inspection performed by a professional. They will check fluid levels and the major mechanisms to insure that the device will perform normally. Experts agree that the entire air system should be inspected thoroughly once a year. They are also in agreement that air filters should be cleaned or replaced once every three months. By following this timeline a homeowner is taking responsible action to make sure that their air conditioner or heater will not stop functioning when it is needed most.

What are some of the frequent problems that a homeowner should take as a sign that they should seek out air conditioner repairs or furnace repairs?

No homeowner wants to be caught in the dead of winter without heat or the boiling temperatures of summer without air conditioning. If they keep an eye on their main air unit they can avoid many problems that typically happen. The guiding principle that any homeowner should have is that preventive maintenance is always the best option. By dealing with a problem before it can blossom into a much bigger issue, they are saving time and money. The following list details some of the more common problems and what they might mean for the ventilation system:

  • Utility costs have changed without a difference in usage. This can indicate that the thermostat is malfunctioning or that the main fan is wear out.
  • The air conditioning unit won't start. This can be a fan break or a thermostat issue. It may be something more complex like an issue with electrical wiring.
  • The home has cold and hot spots that are clearly defined. This points to a ventilation system that has leaks or clogs in it.
  • The machine runs long or starts slowly. This points to a thermostat that isn't operating correctly or a main fan that is near breaking.

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