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Is Your Indianapolis Air Conditioner Repair Company Letting You Down?

1-800-Cold Air will pick you up with our same day air conditioning repair. Whether it is a minor adjustment, additional refrigerant, or a complete replacement unit, our skilled and professional air conditioning experts will solve your problem quickly, and as cost effectively as possible. At 1-800-Cold Air we pride ourselves on being the leading air conditioning repair company in the greater Indianapolis area, bringing our customers emergency air conditioning repair any hour of the day.

Air Conditioning Problems

Your air conditioning system can experience a wide assortment of problems at any time of the day. Our air conditioning trouble shooting team can provide service for any of the following air conditioning problems.

  • No Air Flow – Having your air conditioning unit not provide a constant airflow can cause your home to warm to an uncomfortable temperature very quickly. Often times this is caused by a problem with your air-handling unit. Our service technicians are trained to identify and solve this problem quickly and efficiently. Depending upon your type of air handler, simply replacing a belt or a bearing could solve your problem, and we will have your air conditioning system providing you with cool and refreshing air in no time.
  • Moving Air is Not Cold – When your air conditioning system is blowing warm air, it is often a problem with your condensing unit. Your condensing unit is the large metal box sitting outside of your home. Our air conditioning experts will test the compressor, and provide you with the results. Often times the refrigerant has escaped from the self-contained unit, causing the unit to no longer provide cool air. If the opening can be found and sealed, then new refrigerant can be added. This can be a simple fix that will extend the life of your air conditioning unit.
  • Air Conditioner Trouble Shooting - Sometimes there are not quick and easy solutions to air conditioning problems. This is when our air condition experts will have to troubleshoot your air conditioning system. Using their experience and training, they will be able to determine the exact problem that your system is encountering. A solution will then be found, and a plan of action presented to you for your approval.
  • Air Conditioner Replacement – Your air conditioning system is a mechanical system that has many interconnected parts that allows it to provide you and your family with cool air throughout the cooling season. Because the system is a piece of machinery, it does have a given life span for usefulness. When our technicians find that repairing your old system that has served you for many years, is no longer cost effective, they will recommend to you to replace your old, and worn out system with a new, cost effective system. The prices of a new system will vary, often times depending upon the size of the area needing to be cooled, and the energy efficiency of the new replacement unit. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient your new unit will be. Our sales department will also advise you on any rebates that are available on the unit that you purchase.
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance – Many air conditioning problems can be avoided through a regular maintenance schedule completed by our service team. Contact us 1-800- Cold Air to discuss the various programs that we offer for both existing air conditioning units, and new replacement units.

1-800-Cold Air is Indianapolis’s air conditioning expert!

Our team of air conditioning service technicians is trained to repair any air conditioning problem, safely and accurately. No problem is too big, or too small for team. We pledge that we will always provide courteous service that is fully guaranteed. And when we leave, your home will be as clean as when we arrive.

Protect your investment!

Your central air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive components of your home. By using the services of 1-800- Cold Air, your investment will be protected and you will have years of continued use of your air conditioning unit. Additionally, a properly working air condition system provides not only comfort, but helps maintain a healthy home. The filtration system of your air conditioner cleans your air, and a properly running air conditioning unit will maintain constant temperature and humidity levels, allowing your home to be a healthier environment for you and your family. Contact us today at 1-800-Cold Air.

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