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Looking For An Expert Air Conditioning Repair Service In The Des Moines Area?

When a homeowner decides that they are in need of an air conditioning repair expert, locating the best choice can be overwhelming. To make sure that a homeowner chooses the best technician in the Des Moines area, they should dial 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote" form on this website. Either of those two simple choices will connect a person directly to a local expert that is ready to do business. The companies that are allowed to participate in this referral network are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the field. These businesses are often family owned and have been located in the Des Moines area for many years. They are well aware that the key to success of small businesses is the respect of every individual customer. Dialing 1-800-Cold Air or filling out the "request a quote" form on this website are both responsible decisions that a homeowner can make.

What does an air conditioner or heater do for a home that so dramatically improves air quality?

The most direct bonus of having heating and air conditioning in a home is temperature control. Outside of that primary job, these machines provide a host of benefits that make a home more comfortable. The heating process expands the air, lowering the pressure and allowing it to hold more moisture. This natural moderation of the humidity also works with the cooling process. Air cooling causes the opposite process to occur, compressing the air and increasing the pressure. This extracts moisture from the air and reduces humidity. The modern ventilation system also has filters that play a huge part in making an interior space livable. These filters capture and remove a huge portion of the irritants that circulate through a home. The following list goes over some of the common things that the air system in a home moderates:

  • Bacteria- This material can be a major risk in any home at any time of the year. Clean air filters will capture most of this as it travels around a home.
  • Pollen- This can be a major problem that persists year round. Allergy sufferers know the pain of having air filters that need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Mold- Homes that have developed a mold problem can be a major health risk. Spores that circulate through the air are captured and removed from circulation by filters.
  • Dust- This is such a common problem in homes that it can clog and block air filters. This is the main reason that air filters need to be replaced and cleaned.
  • Humidity- This is naturally modified through the heating and cooling process as outlined above. This crucial process prevents a home from being uncomfortable on exceptionally hot or cold days.
  • Pet dander- This can be a major allergen in homes that have one or more animals living in them. Air filters will capture and remove this substance.

When is the best time for a homeowner to seek out an expert for air conditioning service or eating repair service?

If a homeowner is unsure when the last inspection took place in their home, they should take the initiative and seek out a professional as soon as possible. That one step can establish a timeline with a local business for further inspections and maintenance. Most experts recommend that homeowners have their main air units inspected once a year. This annual inspection helps to prevent major breaks that can happen over time. These same technicians also recommend that air filters be replaced once every three months. This prevents filters from becoming clogged and airflow from being interrupted. If a homeowner suspects any issue, it is a responsible choice to have their air system inspected.

What are some of the more common issues that arise in a home that require air conditioner repairs or furnace repairs?

While there are many issues that can cause outages in air coverage, there are some that are more frequent. Homeowners should always be sure to respond to suspected problems. Preventive maintenance is almost always less expensive then responding to unexpected problems after they have already occurred. Homeowners never want to be stuck in the middle of the winter without heat or the center of the summer without air conditioning. The following list details some of the more common problems that homeowners witness:

  • The air conditioner or furnace will not turn on. This is often caused by a malfunctioning thermostat, but can point to a much bigger issue with the main unit.
  • The utility bills have begun to rise without a change in usage. This points to a ventilation system that is leaking or blocked.
  • The heater or air conditioner runs long and starts slowly. This is often a problem with the thermostat or the main fan of a unit.
  • There are specific areas in the home that are cold or hot when they shouldn't be. This points to a ventilation system with leaks or clogs.

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