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When choosing the right air conditioning service company for your home there is much to be considered. You must find a company that is going to place you and your family first. Your air conditioning company must offer great pricing, fantastic service, and reputable brand names. The choice must be a company that excels in air conditioning repairs because of the experience and training their air conditioning technicians have acquired. 1-800- Cold Air can provide all of this and more. Make us your choice as your air conditioning company.

Look to 1-800- Cold Air for the following:

As a company, we provide the following:

  • Maintenance Programs – No single maintenance program fits the needs of everyone. We have developed programs based on the needs of the homeowner. Many homeowners want only the mechanical entities of the air conditioning system maintained while they are capable of doing the rest. Others would like to have very aspect of maintenance addressed so that they have no worries or concerns, Then there are those everywhere in between. Speak with our sales department to find the program that is best suited to your situation.
  • Best Price – We work with our suppliers to help bring to our customers some of the best prices in Montgomery County. Price is important to our customers, and we pledge that our pricing structure will meet or beat the pricing of any other competitor. Try us and you will be surprised.
  • Great Solutions – Our technicians are going to work hard to make the needed repairs to your system. Some companies prefer to simply replace the air condition unit. We believe that the life of your home’s air conditioning system should be extended for as long as possible. Our field technicians will provide creative answers in order for you to keep from having to replace your home’s air conditioning system.

Your home’s air conditioning system needs to be cared for

Often times, we believe that mechanical systems will just simply continue running for years with little need of repair or servicing. Air conditioning systems sometimes simply get ignored. When, in fact, with a small amount of care and maintenance, air conditioning systems can last for an extremely long period of time.

Avoid some costly problems

Here are some problems, which if you can avoid them, will allow your family to enjoy the benefits of your home’s air conditioning system for years to come.

  • Water Leaks – Water leaks can be the most damaging by-product of having an air conditioning system. Normally the water that is formed through condensation within the system, simply gathers in the drain pan beneath the air handler, and then is drained away through a series of tubes to the outside of the home. When these tubes become clogged, a problem is created. The water will back into the drain pan, causing the water to overflow. This water overflowing the drain pan can cause a wide range of problems. Ceilings, walls, and floors will be damaged. If allowed to continue, the constant state of moisture will invite wood rot, as well as giving mold spores a great place to land and grow. Once your home does become invested with mold, it is a difficult problem to resolve.
  • Compressor Care – Compressors are an expensive component in any air condition unit. Clogged airlines and dirty filters will cause compressors to cycle off and on often. When this occurs, great pressure is placed on the compressor, and often times it will overheat, and will shut down. When this occurs, the lifespan of the compressor can be severely compromised. Simply keeping the area around the outside compressor clean and free of debris can add years of life to your home’s air condition system.
  • Select the Proper Size – If you are building a new home, remodeling a home, or replacing an old, worn out system, be sure that your air conditioning specialist at 1-800- Cold Air can provide you with a number of choices. Oversizing or under sizing can lead to excessive condensation, or a constant recycling of the compressor. If you are in a situation where you will be looking for an entirely new system, be sure to use the direction of your local air conditioning company as a strong guideline a to what to do next!

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1-800- Cold Air serves all of Jefferson County, and Louisville Metro, including:

Anchorage, Bancroft, Cambridge, Druid Hills, Fairdale, Glenview, Hickory Hill, Indian Hills, Kingsley, Lincolnshire, Mockingbird Valley, Norwood, Riverwood, Sycamore, Thorn Hill, Wellington, and Loiusville.


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