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Are You Having Problems Finding The Right Company In Warren For Your Home’s Air Conditioning Repair and Service?

Having the right air conditioner serve and repair company is crucial for the trouble free operation of your home’s air conditioning system, as well as for extending the useful life of the air conditioning system. 1-800- Cold Air has an extensive record of successfully caring for home air conditioning systems throughout Macomb County. Our team of experienced air conditioner experts, from management to technicians, strives to maintain every customer’s air conditioning system at peak performance. We always stand behind our satisfaction guaranteed pledge. This pledge gives our customers the security of knowing that each job will be done correctly. If you are unhappy with your air conditioning service company, give us a chance, and call 1-800- Cold Air.

The reasons why 1-800- Cold Air should be your choice for air conditioning service:

The team at 1-800- Cold air works hard to satisfy each and every one of our customers. We want all of our customers to continue to return, and bring their friends and neighbors with them.

  • Quick Response – We will have your repair completed the day that you call. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to meet any air conditioning issue that your home’s air conditioner system may have. Call us, and you will be pleased at the response time of our service teams.
  • Right Price – 1-800- Cold Air offers extremely competitive prices. If, by chance, our prices are higher than a competitor’s price, we will happily meet the competitor’s price. We strive to be the most cost effective air conditioning service and repair company in Macomb County.
  • Knowledgeable Team – Training for our entire staff is an on-going process at 1-800- Cold Air. Our team of technicians stay abreast of all new technology and practices in the air conditioning filed. The training, education, and experience combined allow our technicians to more quickly identify and solve air conditioner problems, saving you time and money.
  • Quality Products – Because of the stress placed on an air conditioning unit, it is important to have the highest quality parts and equipment available. 1-800- Cold Air offers a wide range of name brands and SEER rated air conditioning systems. Replacement parts are always manufacturer recommended parts.

By not having the right air conditioner service company, your house could be at risk

Your air conditioning service company serves to prevent your home from being placed at risk because of a malfunctioning air conditioner system. We are always sure that the air filters of your home’s air conditioner system are free from dirt and dust. The filters serve a very important role in keeping the air in your home clean, healthy, and free from mold spores. Any water leaks coming from your system from condensation, or overflows could cause water damage, and eventually wood deterioration. Additionally, wet spots caused by your homes air conditioning system could provide an opportunity for mold to establish itself, and spread throughout your home. Our technicians are trained to spot these potential water problems, locate the source, and resolve the issue.

Common air conditioner problems that a 1-800- Cold Air maintenance agreement could avoid:

At 1-800- Cold Air we highly recommend that every homeowner have an air conditioner maintenance agreement. By having such an agreement, many small problems can be identified and corrected, before they become major concerns.

  • Water Overflows – Our maintenance agreement includes the cleaning of the drainage pipes from beneath the air handling unit. Condensation will occur here, and water will collect. With clogged pipes, this water will have nowhere to go, and will soon overflow the collection pan, causing damage to whatever is below.
  • Compressor Failure – The more times that an air compressor overheats and shuts down, or simply runs extensively without the proper flow of air, the sooner the compressor will fail. The compressor is an expensive part of the system, and a home owner should do all that can be done to extend the life of the compressor for as long as possible. Our maintenance agreement provides for the replacement of all filters so a clogged filter will not add undue strain to the compressor. The contract also calls for our technician to check around the compressor itself to be sure that no debris is preventing air from reaching the compressor and cooling it.
  • Electrical Failures – Many electrical failures can be prevented by having a set of experienced eyes checking the electrical connections within your home’s air conditioning system. Over time, these electrical connections can become brittle or loose. When that occurs, your system will not function. By having a maintenance agreement with 1-800- Colds Air, many of these electrical problems will be seen and corrected.

We service all communities in Macomb County, including:

Warren, Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Mt. Clemons, Centerline, Eastpointe, Fraser, New Baltimore, Roseville, St. Clair Shores, Utica, Armada, New Haven, and Romeo.


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