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Is Your Hastings, Minnesota Home In Need Of Air Conditioning Repair Or Heating Repair?

Air conditioning repair and heating repair is extremely important everywhere in the United States, but especially so in Hastings. The temperature during the frigid Minnesota winter routinely drops well below freezing, putting all inhabitants at severe risk of a wide range of medical conditions such as frostbite and hypothermia. For many Hastings families, high summer temperatures are actually even more dangerous because they are unprepared to cope with them. Even worse, temperature extremes pose the greatest risk to the most vulnerable: children, pets, the elderly, and the medically ill. If your heating and air conditioning systems are not functioning properly, you need immediate furnace repair or air conditioning repair. Unfortunately, finding the right heating or air conditioning service technician can be a real challenge. If you make the wrong choice, you could end up having to pay a second technician to come out and clean up the first technician’s mistakes. Luckily, finding the right furnace repair or air conditioning repair specialist is easy when you dial 1-800-Cold Air.

What furnace repair and air conditioning service does 1-800-Cold Air provide?

We believe that it is important to meet all of a customer’s furnace repair and air conditioning service needs. We will do everything in our power to satisfy our customers, which is why we offer such a wide variety of heating and air conditioning repair service. Many customers keep calling 1-800-Cold Air for years because they have found it is the only number they need to know. Although furnace repair and air conditioning repair is what we are most well known for, we actually handle everything from installation to replacement and everything in between. The many furnace and air conditioning services we offer include:

  • Inspection of pre-existing home air conditioning units and furnaces
  • Analysis of a home’s air conditioning and furnace needs and capabilities
  • One-time and recurring home air conditioning and furnace maintenance
  • Troubleshooting of air conditioning and furnace repair problems
  • All forms of air conditioner repair
  • All forms of heating repair
  • Furnace and air conditioning replacement for units that are no longer repairable

What is the underlying cause of my need for furnace repair or air conditioner repair?

The answer to that question depends on your own personal circumstances. There are many potential causes of furnace and air conditioning problems. Accidents such as falling trees, house fires, tornadoes, and similar incidents can damage air conditioners and furnaces. The harsh natural elements found in Hastings can seriously degrade units over time, as can normal operations. Natural debris such as leaves and sticks may also cause problems. Although all furnaces and air conditioners eventually reach a point where they must be repaired, serious problems can be avoided with proper maintenance. 1-800-Cold Air strongly recommends that all homeowners have a professional air conditioning repair and furnace repair technician perform routine maintenance at least twice a year. This maintenance can identify and resolve minor issues before they become worse. Regular maintenance can even extend the working life of a unit for several years, allowing homeowners to delay costly furnace and air conditioning replacement.

What are some reasons I should choose 1-800-Cold Air over other air conditioning and heating repair providers?

1-800-Cold Air is an association of independently owned and operated air conditioning and heating repair providers with affiliates in communities across the United States, including right here in Hastings, Minnesota. All of our members must pass through our rigid pre-qualification process, which includes providing proof of proper licensure and insurance to practice in Minnesota, and then continue to adhere to our strict standards of excellence. Our unique business model allows us to provide our customers with the best of both worlds; when you call 1-800-Cold Air you get all of the security one would expect from a national leader in air conditioning and furnace repair but with the comfort and incredible convenience one finds from a neighborhood heating and air conditioner repair specialist. Some of the many reasons why there are so many satisfied 1-800-Cold Air customers include:

  • We provide the highest quality furnace and air conditioning repair service.
  • Our local affiliates have years of experience with the unique climate and legal requirements found in Hastings, Minnesota.
  • We are easy to contact and easy to do business with.
  • Our prices are highly competitive from a local and national level.
  • We can handle virtually any home air conditioning or furnace repair need.

We service Hastings, Minnesota and all of Dakota County, including the communities of:

Apple Valley


Castle Rock



Eureka Center




Inver Grove Heights




Mendota Heights


New Trier




South St. Paul

Sunfish Lake



West St. Paul


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