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Why Is 1-800-Cold Air The #1 Air Conditioning Repair Service In Long Island?

Whether you need help with heating or cooling, 1-800-Cold Air has been the #1 Air Conditioning Repair Service in Long Island and Suffolk County for years! We offer 24-hour repair, replacement, assessment, expert technicians and top notch customer service!

Considering the 2013-2014 winter weather we know the temperature extremes in New York can border on life-threatening for infants, the elderly and the infirm. For others, extreme weather conditions, (too cold or too hot) is just not tolerable. When your air conditioning problems crop up you want repairs fast! That’s why you’ll be glad to know we offer

  • Same-Day and emergency Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Contractors for residential and commercial jobs
  • Accurate, fast and dependable repairs
  • Affordable new installations
  • Pricing competitive to the Marketplace
  • Detailed inspections and maintenance for air conditioning repair troubleshooting

Why Does an Air Conditioner Breakdown?

Strangely, one common – and in fact quite common – problems is the improper operation of your unit. When windows and outside doors aren’t closed to isolate your home from the elements your unit has to work far harder than it’s meant to do to achieve comfortable air temperatures. That taxes your unit.

Other issues causing air conditioning problems include:

  • Faulty installation in the first place
  • Poor repair or service procedures by a previous air conditioning repair service
  • Inadequate (or no) maintenance inspections and care
  • Refrigerant that doesn’t comply with manufacturer’s specs or refrigerant overfill by unqualified technicians who simply add refrigerant instead of researching the cause of low refrigerant levels.
  • Fuse or circuit breaker problems
  • Clogged filters causing build up on coils will then compromise fans and compressors
  • Sensor problems (i.e., thermostat and control panel) leading to improper measurement of temperature conditions)
  • Clogged drainage causing backflow of condensate

So as you see, it’s not always simple, and each and every one of these items (and more) needs to be checked. 1-800-Cold Air provides the most thorough, multi-point inspection of your unit. We don’t just repair the most obvious, we provide air conditioning repair troubleshooting to make sure that what went wrong wasn’t caused by other, less obvious but equally important reasons.

What Makes 1-800-Cold Air a Trustworthy Service Choice?

Having confidence in the air conditioning contractor you choose is very important, and to us, it’s our number one goal – customer satisfaction and trust!

The only thing we can do here is to tell you why we believe we are the best air conditioning repair service in Suffolk County, but the great news is that you don’t have to take our word for it. You see, 1-800-Cold Air is located all throughout the United States in most major counties. It took us years to build up a reputation that precedes us, and it comes from customers who tell their family and friends about us, and who write us great reviews. Here are some of the reasons our customers love and trust our service:

  • No Risk Guarantee. Repairs done by 1-800-Cold Air technicians stick! We won’t leave your home until we’re absolutely sure everything has been done to insure your air conditioning problems are gone. If, for any reason your unit fails you’ll only need to give us a call and we’ll be there in a jiffy. We don’t stop doing what it takes until you’re completely satisfied.
  • Teams of Experts. You won’t find better air conditioning technicians anywhere. Fully screened for insurance and licensure, our technicians and subcontractors must pass a very stringent set of requirements before we hire them. They must have the expertise and knowledge, as well as customer-care and ethical standards that will continue the 1-800-Cold Air reputation we have built.
  • We Beat Competitors’ Prices. Here’s a promise: Got a written estimate from another air conditioning contractor that’s lower than ours and we’ll match it! We are confident that we can do the best job for you. No one can beat us!
  • Quality Parts. While some competitors may compromise on replacement parts, not 1-800-Cold Air. We insure that we keep in stock the best parts, and manufacturer recommend parts for the broadest makes and models of air conditioners.

Is Maintenance Expensive? I’ve Heard about Air Conditioner Maintenance Plans but Figured They Cost Too Much?

First of all the answer is “no it’s not expensive”! Maintenance actually saves you money. We have plans that can be customized for differing needs. Whatever your budget, 1-800-Cold Air can provide you with prevention and maintenance to insure the best performance of your unit.

Maintenance is your best way to keep costs down. Why?

  • There are many potential reasons breakdown can occur. Waiting until your unit breaks down may mean a number of parts have failed and need repair, cleaning, lubrication and replacement. A bill like that adds up.
  • When you make sure to have proper air conditioner maintenance twice or three times a year, you prevent problems before they begin – ones that could have ended up being expensive.Think about car repair as an analogy. Car maintenance is vital to proper ongoing performance. It’s no different for your air conditioner or for any high ticket machine or motor.

Will the Technician tell Me Honestly if I Need an Air Conditioner Replacement?

Absolutely. You’ll get our honest assessment and all details of our reasoning. You can be confident that it will be a choice you’ll feel confident making based on facts. Here is what we want you to keep in mind:

  • Easy to fit your schedule
  • Affordable to fit your budget
  • Appropriate to fit the air conditioning needs of your home or property
  • Quality choices of make and model

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