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Air Conditioning Repair Excellence In The Big Apple

Manhattan summers can be blazing hot while the winters can be frigid and freezing cold! If you’re experiencing air conditioning problems during the sweltering heat of summer, it can bring everthing to a halt. Make sure you call 1-800-Cold Air to the rescue!

Our New York City customers are apartment landlords or tenants, home owners, small and large business owners – you name it, we fix it – air conditioning problems of all kinds.

Manhattan and all of New York is one of the fastest-paced cities anywhere in the World. If equipment, appliances and the like - things you count on - break down you can’t waste time waiting. That’s why our customers love the fact that we offer:

  • Emergency air conditioning repair – we’re there when you need it!
  • 24-hour and same-day repair to meet those ‘round-the-clock New York schedules
  • Elite-level customer service no matter who you are – we’re devoted to having the best customer care of any air conditioning contractors in the City!
  • Fast, accurate and repairs you know will stick!
  • Inspections, and expert assessment of all aspects of your air conditioning unit, as well as the size of the job it has to do. Then we’ll make sure it has maximum efficiency.
  • Competitive in pricing no matter who in the City you call you won’t find air conditioning repair service with as top notch workmanship at such affordable prices.

I Don’t Know Why My Air Conditioner Broke Down. What are the Common Causes?

There are many possible causes that many people aren’t aware of, not the least of which is paying too little attention to maintenance. But other possible causes of breakdown include things like the following. A word of caution – if you are a “weekend repair man,” don’t practice on your air conditioner. 1-800-Cold Air has expert air conditioning technicians who know precisely what to look for. They have many years of experience and the knowledge to be precise and thorough. Listed below are some of the major items that can cause air conditioning problems.

  • Improper installation: When central air conditioners are improperly installed the result can be problems such as low airflow or leaky ducts.
  • Improperly serviced: If technicians with little experience or knowledge don’t properly service your air conditioner the results can be less than optimal. For instance, they might overlook finding refrigerant charging problems or could make existing problems worse if they add refrigerant to an already full system.
  • Faulty circuit breakers or fuses: Many times these are the first things that need to be checked when experiencing air conditioner problems. After a five-minute cool down of the unit, breakers can be reset.
  • Leaks of refrigerant: Adding refrigerant when its low is not always the solution. There may be reasons for the low levels and an expert technician trained in proper air conditioning repair troubleshooting will check for leaks, test to be sure his repair holds and then do a re-charge with the right amount of refrigerant.
  • Poor maintenance: Clogged up air filters and coils can cause breakdown. This build up can cause compressors and fans to fail before their time.
  • Worn Compressor or Fan Controls: If your unit turns off and on often (more common in an oversized unit) your unit may experience wire corrosion and corrosion of the terminals. Systems, electrical connections and other electrical contact points need to be checked by a professional air conditioning technician.
  • Sensor Problems: the thermostat sensor behind the control panel measures air temperature of the air that enters the evaporative coil. If somehow dislodged from its normal position then your unit could cycle constantly or become erratic in performance.
  • Problems with Drainage: A humid outside environment means it’s vital to check the drain of your unit to insure it’s clog-free for proper fluid drainage. Here is where installation is also important because if the unit is not level drainage may suffer.

We can’t stress enough the value of being on a proper air conditioner maintenance plan. They are always affordable with 1-800-Cold Air, and we have flexibly scheduled plans that will meet your needs. Just as you are diligent about other expensive appliances or your automobile when it comes to maintenance and prevention, your air conditioner needs regular inspection and service to be its most efficient.

How Do I Know What I’m Going to Need As Far As Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement?

Smart question and let us assure you that before we ever recommend replacement we exhaust every possibility of repair. Bottom line is, that if repairs will only be a stop-gap measure for an air conditioning problem that will recur (costing you multiple service calls and extra money) then that means your unit has pretty much had it. To keep repairing like a “band aid” is not the most cost effective.

Some customers worry about the cost of replacement but really, with our payment plans the payments can be affordable and in the long run you’ll have a far more efficient air conditioning system, lower electric bill, greater home or office comfort and peace of mind – not to mention the saving of time by not having to attend to constant breakdowns.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for an air conditioning repair service you can trust:

  • We guarantee our work.
  • We have top Experts and teams.
  • We are fast and accurate.
  • We match or beat Competitors’ prices.
  • We use top quality replacement p arts.
  • We have a National reputation for excellence and the best in customer care

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