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Why You Should Choose 1-800- Cold Air As Your Air Conditioning Service Company!

In order to have in the heat of the summer a properly running air conditioning system, every homeowner needs an air conditioning repair company on which the homeowner can depend. 1-800- Cold Air is such a company. Our experience, our concern for doing each job correctly, and our knowledge of air conditioning makes us one of the leading air conditioning service and repair companies in the greater Rochester area.

Is your home’s air conditioning system exhibiting any of these problems?

Because all air conditioning systems are subject to much the same set of operating conditions, there are some problems that continue to keep occurring from one air conditioning system to the next.

  • The system is blowing warm air – When the air conditioning system of a home or business is blowing warm air, there could be several problem areas. For the fastest results, you should contact a professional air conditioning repair company, such as 1-800- Cold Air. One possible scenario would be that air supply vents have been covered or blocked. The homeowner needs to always make sure that airflow to and from the air conditioning system is unimpeded. The system will not function properly if there are blockages anywhere within the airflow system. The second common reason is that the refrigerant needed to produce cool air has somehow escaped the system. Because this refrigerant is normally contained within the system, there is never a need to replenish it. However, as a system ages, leaks can develop, and very slowly the refrigerant can dissipate to the point where the system will not function properly. You will need a trained technician to resolve this problem. Another common problem is that debris and leaves, blocking airflow to the outside compressor will cause the outside compressor to overheat, and shut down. Once this happens, the compressor will have to be allowed to cool, the blockage removed, and the compressor reset. Conditions that cause the compressor to run at high temperatures will shorten the life of the compressor.
  • The system does not start – As a system ages, more attention has to be given to the electrical components. Wear and tear will cause wires to become loose, electrical components will need replacing, and the battery in your thermostat will run down. These situations can easily be handled through a maintenance program from 1-800- Cold Air.
  • There is water leaking from the system – Condensation does occur within an air conditioning unit. Usually this condensation is simply carried away from the unit through a series of drainage pipes. However, when these pipes become clogged, water will back up through the pipes and eventually overflow the system. A service technician will usually be needed to adequately clear the pipes, allowing the water to drain as designed.

These problems and others can be avoided through participating in a maintenance program. Even if you choose not to have a maintenance program, 1-800- Cold Air can still solve these issues quickly.

How these problems could affect you, your family, and your home

Of the items listed above, the greatest concern would be moisture coming from the air conditioning system. Water is not a friend of any home. Moisture will provide an environment for mold to become established, and eventually spread throughout your home. Once established, mold is difficult to completely remove from a home. Mold also causes many health problems, especially for those who are sensitive to airborne contaminants. Additionally, water will compromise ceiling, wall, and floor coverings, plus it will weaken the structural integrity of home, and draw wood destroying insects into your home.

If your home’s air conditioning system is not cooling your home sufficiently, a warm environment will also lead to the growth of mold in your home. Home temperatures should not exceed seventy-eight degrees on a consistent basis. By keeping your home cool, mold does not have the right environment to grow and flourish.

We can provide solutions to all of these problems, plus so much more!

By using the services of 1-800- Cold Air, we will solve these problems when they occur, and could help prevent them from occurring.

  • Experience and training – All of our employees receive training throughout the year, keeping them informed of all the current trends and changes. Through this training, and through the extensive experience that our employees have in the air condition field, we will be able to find the right solution for your home’s air condition problems.
  • Customer service – We place a great emphasis on customer service. We want each and every customer to feel as though he has received our very best effort from start to finish.
  • Pricing – Our pricing reflects our commitment to our community. We offer the best pricing possible. We want every customer to feel that the price that is paid is reflective of the kind of service and work that has been given to them!

We serve all of Monroe County, including:

Brighton, Chili, Clarkson, East Rochester, Fairport, Greece, Hamlin, Mendon, Ogden, Parma, Penfield, Pittsford, Sweden, Webster, Wheatland, and Rochester.

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