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Are You Searching For The Best Air Conditioning Repair Service In The Syracuse Area?

If a homeowner has determined that they are beginning the search for an expert in the heating and air conditioning field, they can be in for a complex task. Instead of searching without direction, they should be sure to dial 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote" form on this website. Those two steps both can connect a homeowner directly to a small business in the Syracuse area. The companies that are allowed to participate in this referral network are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the heating and air conditioning field. The fact that they are small businesses and often family owned means that they respect every single customer they have. This means that every single job they take on, they approach with a degree of professionalism that is second to none. Any homeowner would be making a responsible choice by using this referral network to connect with a local business. 

What does an air conditioner or furnace do for a home that so significantly increases the air quality and comfort of an interior space?

The obvious benefit of air conditioning and heating is temperature control. Beyond that basic task, these devices and the entire air system perform jobs that greatly increase the comfort of a home. The cooling process uses an air compressor to lower the temperature of the air. This compression also extracts water vapor from the air and lowers the humidity. The opposite process occurs when the air is heated, allowing for water vapor to be absorbed. The other often overlooked and critical process of the air system in a home is the air filtration system. Filters capture and remove from circulation a huge amount of irritants that would otherwise stay inside a home. The following list goes over some of the more common items in the air that are moderated or filtered by a functioning ventilation system:

  • Mold- If a home has developed a mold issue, it will begin to circulate spores that look to expand the mold. This can be a major health risk and the first line of defense is a fully functioning air system.
  • Humidity- This is automatically moderated by the heating and cooling process of a home. This can be especially evident during hot summers and cold winters.
  • Pollen- While commonly regarded as a problem during certain seasons, this can be a major irritant all year long. Filters will prevent this from being a major issue.
  • Bacteria- This can be a health risk at any point in the year. Air filters will capture and remove most of the circulating airborne bacteria.
  • Pet dander- This substance can be a massive problem in a home with animals living indoors. Filters will prevent this material from accumulating in the air supply.
  • Dust- This is the most common irritant and allergen inside homes. Filters will capture so much of this that they can become clogged.

What is the best schedule for a homeowner to follow when planning for air conditioning service or heating repair service?

If a homeowner doesn't know or isn't sure when they last had a maintenance inspection performed, they should take the chance to schedule one at the nearest opportunity. By establishing a relationship with a local expert, they are lowering the time required for repairs and possibly saving money. Most experts recommend that a home air system be inspected once a year. They also recommend that the air filters of a home be cleaned or replaced once every three months. Those two checks are all that are required for a home heating or air conditioning system to remain fully functional. While emergency breakages will always occur, these checks significantly reduce the chances of that happening.

What are some of the most common problems that a homeowner will encounter that need immediate air conditioning repairs or furnace repairs?

There are many issues that can cause a break in coverage for a home. The thing that a homeowner needs to keep in mind at all times is that if they suspect a problem, they should act on seeking out an expert as soon as possible. Preventive maintenance is almost always less expensive than responding to outages or other severe issues. No homeowner wants to be left in the cold in the middle of a New York winter or in the middle of the summer without air conditioning. The following list details some of the more frequent problems and what may be causing them:

  • The air conditioner or heater will not turn on when prompted to do so. This can be a simple problem with the thermostat or may be a much bigger issue with the main air unit.
  • The heater or air conditioning run long and stop slowly. This is usually a problem with the thermostat. This can be a more prominent issue with the fan in the unit.
  • The utility costs of a home have begun to rise without a change in usage. This points to a leak in the ventilation system or problem with the thermostat.
  • The home has very specific cold and hot spots. This is most commonly a problem with the ventilation system being clogged.

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