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Do You Know Who To Call For Top Notch Air Conditioning Repair Service In Charlotte?

If you live in Charlotte or anywhere in Mekleburg County, count on us to take the hassle out of air conditioning problems. 1-800-Cold Air provides quick, accurate service by expert technicians with unheard of customer guarantees and competitive prices.

In the past the weather and average temperatures in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County have ranged between a low of approximately 30 degrees to a high of about 90. But considering the unpredictable weather of this past winter no one should be without an air conditioner they can count on for heating or cooling. 1-800-Cold Air is here to see to your comfort with:

  • Emergency air conditioning repair
  • Same-day service
  • 24-hour convenient scheduling and service
  • Commercial properties or “home sweet home”
  • Assessments and air conditioning repair troubleshooting
  • Replacement and installation

What Are Good Reasons To Use 1-800-Cold Air?

If we sound like we’re boasting we are! But we only boast what our customers say about us – that we are “the best air conditioning contractor in Mecklenburg County.” You see we grew to national brand recognition and size because our customers have given us rave reviews and have told their friends and family about us. As big as we are, we still maintain that friendly, neighborhood quality in every county we serve. The expert technicians we use are, in fact, your Mecklenburg County neighbors.

How Do You Choose The Best Air Conditioning Service? 

Picky, picky, picky is what we can say. No other air conditioning contractors can claim stronger screening and criteria than 1-800-Cold Air – and that’s in every location we serve throughout Mecklenburg County.

  • We make sure the technicians we hire, or subcontractors we use are in excellent standing with the local Better Business Bureau.
  • We pre-screen them for expertise, years of experience and customer service track record.
  • We obtain proof of their insurance coverage and State licensure
  • Equally important, they must receive our customer care training and service criteria because we have high standards!

Does 1-800-Cold Air Also Stand By its Promises?

You bet we do! We take our customer satisfaction guarantee very seriously. That is one of the things that caused our huge growth over the past years. Our workmanship is top notch, and if anything goes wrong after we’ve fixed it, we come back at no charge until you’re satisfied.

  • Our air conditioning repair troubleshooting is unbelievably thorough. Our technicians even encourage you to watch their very organized, methodical multi-point check of each component.
  • You will be clear that if you decide to have us go forward with the repair, it’s based on a written estimate that you fully understand because we explain it to you!
  • We provide the most competitive prices on the market today in air conditioning repair and replacement.
  • Payment plans are available for just about any budget
  • Have you already gotten a repair estimate from one of our competitors? Is it less than our estimate? We’ll match their price!
  • Worried about taking time from your job to be home for air conditioning service? Once again, we have appointments 24 hours a day. Many of our customers love our availability.

How Can I Stop These Air Conditioning Breakdowns? Did I Buy a Lemon?

We wish we could give you an absolute guarantee of a perfectly functioning unit all year ‘round, but actually we can do better. What we can do is to provide air conditioner maintenance throughout the year – keeping it at peak efficiency and preventing breakdown. We monitor and troubleshoot so you know it’s getting regular check-ups. On top of that, with our maintenance plans you know you’ve got a company that knows your unit and whom you can trust. We take good care of all our customers, and our maintenance subscribers get additional advantages. 

What Does Air Conditioning Maintenance Entail?

It’s just like the fact that you bring your car in for routine maintenance and fluid changes. The difference is the types of parts and types of fluids. We always do thorough inspection to make sure we’re catching problems before they begin and then lubricating, cleaning filters, and checking the coolant levels, fan operation and air handler.

Can I Afford Air Conditioning Maintenance?

The maintenance programs 1-800-Cold Air offers will be affordable to your monthly budget and will pay for themselves over and over.

  • Isn’t always more of a savings to stop problems before they begin? That “ping” you hear in your car engine usually doesn’t go away. If you ignore it you are far more likely to begin hearing more not so pleasant sounds of engine failure. Air conditioners are no different.
  • Temperatures have been fluctuating drastically in the last few years. Heat, water/moisture and then cold temps create stress on your home’s structure, and even your indoor paint and wallpaper. With air conditioner maintenance check-ups to keep your home at even temperatures there is less wear and tear on your home’s structure inside.
  • Health concerns are always something to take into account. Clogged filters, buildup of mold and other environmental air pollutants do two things: first, they hamper proper efficiency of your unit and second, those family members fighting illness, dealing with allergies and anyone more vulnerable like grandparents and infants, can be at greater health risk without maintenance of your air quality and temperature.
  • Finally, we know maintenance will save you the unexpected timing that always seems to occur when it’s an emergency air conditioning repair need. Breakdowns take more time and are inconvenient, whereas maintenance visits are at the availability of your schedule so you don’t miss important meetings, work or family events.

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