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Trying To Find The Very Best Air Conditioning Repair Service In the Greensboro Area?

When a homeowner has decided that they need to locate an air conditioning repair specialist in Greensboro or its surrounding communities, finding the best deal can be a significant task. They should be aware that by dialing 1-800-Cold Air or filling out the "request a quote" form on this website, they can be directed to a local expert immediately. This referral network is entirely composed of professionals with a minimum of five years experience in the heating and air conditioning field. These technicians work for businesses that are local and are completely invested in their reputation and growth. They know that honesty and integrity are essential portions of quality work and they will stop at nothing to provide excellent service every single time. These HVAC companies are capable of providing all kinds of services throughout a home. A complete unit repair can be performed or something as small as an annual inspection. Homeowners should always begin the repair or maintenance process by dialing 1-800-Cold Air or filling out the "request a quote" form on this website.

How does an air conditioner or heater so significantly impact the air quality of a home?

The most direct benefit of these machines is to create a temperature that is deemed comfortable at all times in a home. They also provide many other benefits that are less obvious, but equally important. The air compression process that cools hot air also extracts moisture. This same effect is achieved when air is heated during cold months. These two factors are incredibly important in humid and dry climates. In addition to those effects, the filtration system is responsible for removing a massive amount of irritants from the air. The following list has some of the most prominent factors that a modern ventilation system removes or moderates:

  • Humidity- The cooling and heating process of air helps to keep water vapor at comfortable levels. This is critical during certain times of the year when temperatures and precipitation can vary wildly.
  • Dust- This substance is a constant problem inside modern homes. Through a well maintained filtration system, most dust can be removed effortlessly.
  • Pet dander- If a homeowner has pets or animals inside of their home, they know how important the filter system becomes. This can capture most pet dander as it circulates.
  • Mold- This substance can grab hold and grow in dark and damp areas. A filter system will capture and remove most of the mold that circulates through a home.
  • Pollen- This can be a problem all year long and a filter will capture most of it before it can cause allergies and other problems.
  • Bacteria- Airborne pathogens are almost completely captured by a clean filtration system. This can have a significant effect if illness is a concern.

What is the appropriate timing for a homeowner to search for air conditioning service or heating repair work?

If a homeowner does not know when the last inspection of their HVAC system was, they should take the first step and schedule an inspection. Most experts recommend that the entire system be inspected once a year. They also agree that air filters should be cleaned or replaced once every three months. These two simple actions can extend the life and reliability of a ventilation system significantly. No homeowner wants to be in the middle of summer and find themselves without air conditioning. The same awful experience of winter without heat can also be avoided by following that timeline. Getting to know your technician before a major problem occurs can also speed up emergency service and save money.

What are the most frequent signs that a homeowner will need air conditioning repairs or furnace repair?

By paying close attention for warning signs, a homeowner can often schedule preventive maintenance that will stop a possible outage of service. Preventive maintenance is almost always less expensive and can be done on a timeline that benefits the homeowner. The following list points out some of the more common problems that occur with a heating and air conditioning system:

  • Utility bills that are changing without cause. This is a sign that the main unit may have a broken fan or compressor. This can also be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat or leaks in the ventilation system.
  • An air conditioner or heater that will not turn on. This is either a problem with the thermostat or a major break in the main unit.
  • The air conditioner and heater start slowly and run long. This is often caused by a problem with the thermostat sensors.
  • Cold spots and hot spots in specific parts of a home. This is usually an indication that air filters are clogged or the vents are leaking.

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