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Where Can I Find Air Conditioner Repair or Furnace Repair In Winston-Salem, North Carolina?

Finding the right air conditioner repair or furnace repair technician can be tough. There are so many inferior technicians and unlicensed amateurs out there and hiring one can end up costing you more in remediation costs than the original repair. Luckily, a highly skilled and experienced home air conditioning or furnace repair provider is just a phone call away when you pick up the phone and dial 1-800-Cold Air. We are an association of independent furnace and air conditioning service providers with members in communities across the United States, including right here in Winston-Salem. Operating in this fashion allows us to provide our customers with everything they could possibly ask for. Our national standards of excellence help to ensure the highest service quality, and our convenient nearby locations provide familiarity and comfort. We even make all potential members pass through a pre-qualification process which includes providing proof that they are adequately licensed and insured to practice in North Carolina to help protect our customers.

What heating repair and air conditioning service does 1-800-Cold Air offer?

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers, and we offer the wide range of heating repair and air conditioning service to meet that goal. We want to make sure our customers never have to call another furnace repair or air conditioner repair provider, which is why we handle everything from installation to replacement and everything in between. Doing so allows us to build and maintain relationships with our customers that last for years, which is the most satisfying aspect of our industry. It also allows us to provide better service, as we often end up becoming intimately familiar with the service and operational history of our customers’ furnaces and air conditioners. The long list of heating and air conditioning services we offer includes:

  • Inspection of pre-existing furnaces and air conditioners for prospective homeowners
  • Analysis of the air conditioning and heating needs and capabilities of a home
  • One-time and repeat home air conditioning and furnace maintenance
  • Identification of furnace repair and air conditioning repair needs
  • Any type of furnace repair
  • Any type of air conditioner repair
  • Furnace and air conditioning replacement of units at the end of their usable lifespan

What can I do to prevent the need for furnace or air conditioning replacement?

Unfortunately, no furnace or home air conditioning unit will last forever, and furnace or air conditioning replacement is inevitable. However, furnace and air conditioning replacement can be delayed for several years with proper maintenance, allowing homeowners to get the most value out of their units. 1-800-Cold Air strongly recommends that all homeowners have a professional air conditioning and heating repair technician perform maintenance on their units at least twice a year. These maintenance sessions help keep units clean and functioning at maximum capacity. They also provide the opportunity to uncover potential problems and resolve them before they become serious enough to cause long-term damage. This has the added benefit of preventing a malfunction that could leave your family without air conditioning or heating when you need it the most. Although furnace and air conditioner maintenance can be conducted at any point of the year, many homeowners find it most helpful in the spring and fall when the climate is the mildest. Contact your local 1-800-Cold Air affiliate today to discuss maintenance packages.

Are there any special furnace repair or air conditioning repair service concerns I should be aware of in Winston-Salem?

In general, Winston-Salem does not provide any special challenges for home air conditioning units and furnaces, and the furnace repair and air conditioning repair needs of homeowners are fairly average. The heavy tree cover found in the area may produce debris which can clog and damage air conditioners and furnaces. The occasional severe winter or summer may put additional strain on furnaces or air conditioners, especially older units. Excessively humid or wet summers may lead to degradation. Local wildlife such as squirrels, rats, spiders, and beetles may infiltrate units and cause problems. Our local affiliates have years of experience with furnace repair and air conditioner repair in Winston-Salem and would be happy to answer any of your concerns. They will also be able to properly identify the heating and air conditioning needs of your home.

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