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Be Ready For The Tulsa Summer Heat With The Air conditioning Services Of 1-800- Cold Air!

By partnering with a dependable air conditioning service company, you and your family will be able to withstand the heat of the summer. At 1-800- Cold Air, we are always there for our customers. We provide twenty-four hour a day coverage backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee. To be sure that the air conditioning system of your home or business is operating as it should, contact 1-800- Cold Air today!  

1-800- Cold Air Knows what is important to our customers

In order to have established our customer base, we needed to know what our customers expected from their air conditioning repair company.

  • Prices – Our customers are looking for fair and honest prices that reflect the quality of the work performed and the products provided. Our entire team works hard to keep our prices a slow as possible for our customers.
  • Guarantees – No one wants to spend a great amount of money only to find out that an air conditioning company does not stand behind its work. At 1-800- Cold Air, we stand behind our work and our products. Our customer satisfaction guarantee stands behind every job that we do!
  • Service – Our customer service department as well as our service technician team provide outstanding customer support and service. We are always seeking ways to make the experience as stress free as possible, and to have the system’s problems corrected as quickly as possible.
  • Products – The products that we use are the best available. Our new air conditioning systems are the top brands available today, and we never substitute aftermarket replacement parts. All replacement parts come directly from our manufacturers.

When these factors are combined together, 1-800- Cold Air covers all of our customers’ needs.

Watch for these problem signals

As air conditioning systems age, they develop a consistent set of problems. Watch for these signs, and have the problem corrected before they develop into major problems. If you see moisture around the air handler or around the vents, investigate Immediately. Both are indicators of problems that may become costly. If your system does not immediately respond when it is turned on, it is an indication that electrical connections could be faulty. You should have the system checked by a professional air conditioning service technician. If the air conditioning system no longer produces cold air, that could be an indication that the system is operating under stressful conditions, and needs to have a thorough maintenance session in order to correct a number of possible issues.  Air conditioning systems will last a long time if given the proper care and maintenance.

How the maintenance programs of 1-800- Cold Air can help you

1-800- Cold Air has the maintenance programs that will help you maintain your property’s air conditioning system, and extend its life.

  • Extended life of your air conditioning system- An air conditioning system is designed to last a very long time. When you participate in a maintenance program through 1-800- Cold Air, the continuous service provided by our expert service technicians will help extend the life of the air conditioning system of your home or business. Properly tending to small issues, reducing the overall stress on the system, will allow you to enjoy many extra years of air conditioned comfort. 
  • Fewer emergency calls – Making emergency calls for air conditioning repairs is never a pleasant experience. The cost, the inconvenience, and the lack of air conditioning are not good. A maintenance plan will do away with many of those emergency calls. As parts age, they will be replaced; as connections loosen, they will be repaired; as the system starts to clog, areas will be cleaned.  Reduce your worries and concerns!
  • A healthier home – The home is where you and your family spend much of your time. The healthier your home, the healthier your family will be. A well maintained air conditioning system will reduce the amount of contaminants and dust particles in the air, giving your home clean and healthy air to breathe, twenty-four hours a day.

Contact 1-800-Cold Air today to find out more information about our maintenance programs!

1-800- Cold Air provides service to all of Tulsa County, including:

Bixby, Broken Arrow, Liberty, Owasso, Sand Springs, Collinsville, Glenpool, Jenks, Lotsee, Mannford, Skiatook, Sperry, and Tulsa.


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