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Searching For The Best Air Conditioning Repair Specialists In The Hillsboro Area?

When a homeowner has their air conditioner or heater fail on them, they need a repair technician that will provide them high quality work without sky high fees. The best way to launch into that process is by dialing 1-800-Cold Air or filling out the "request a quote" form on this website. Either of those two simple steps will connect a homeowner with a specialist from a local business that is family run and staffed by experts. Only the best heating and air conditioning companies are allowed to participate in this network. A homeowner can be sure that they are getting every benefit of a small business while knowing that they are also providing high quality work. The technicians that work for these companies are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the field. They are capable of providing services that include regular maintenance, emergency repairs, and complete ventilation overhauls. A homeowner should be sure to utilize this referral network to find an expert near them at no extra cost.

What exactly does an air conditioner do that so greatly affects the quality of life in a home?

The task of an air conditioner and heater is much more than temperature control. There are many overlooked aspects of the modern ventilation system. An air conditioner with a properly functioning compressor will moderate the humidity inside a home while cooling the air. This control over humidity has a huge impact on both comfort and the overall health of a building. It can help prevent mold and bacteria from proliferating inside the home. Air filters are also a key component to any heating and air conditioning system. These need to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis and by doing so keep the air inside a home significantly cleaner. Many homeowners perform air filter maintenance themselves, but it is something that a technician is trained to check for also. The following list contains some of the most important factors on air quality in a home that are moderated by a ventilation system:

  • Humidity- This is controlled by the compressor in an air conditioner. This helps increase the overall health and comfort of a home. Without humidity control, bacteria and mold can become huge problems.
  • Pet dander- If a homeowner has animals that live in the home they know how much of an affect pet dander can have on air quality. Filters will remove much of this from the air.
  • Mold- Filters can catch most of this before it becomes an issue. Humidity controls also help to prevent mold from grabbing hold in dark spaces.
  • Bacteria- Airborne bacteria is captured in air filters very easily. This helps to keep homes healthy and stop the spread of illnesses.
  • Dust- The most common problem in a home's air quality. This is so much of an issue that it can easily clog up an entire air filter and needs to be cleaned out regularly.

When should a homeowner begin to seek out air conditioning service or heating repairs?

If a homeowner thinks that they have a problem that needs to be fixed, responding quickly will almost always save time and money. Preventive maintenance is always the best option. If a homeowner can establish a relationship with a local heating and air conditioning company, they are better off for it. Having a technician that is familiar with the unit and home they will be working on increases the quality and speed of work. Professionals recommend that air filters be replaced or cleaned every three months. They also recommend that the main air conditioner and heater unit should be inspected annually. If a homeowner is diligent and follows the recommended timelines, they can lessen the risk that their air conditioner or heater will unexpectedly break.

What are the most frequent warning signs that a homeowner should be watching for that indicate they will need air conditioner repair or furnace repair?

There are a whole variety of warning signs that a homeowner can see happening long before an air conditioner is completely broken down. The most important thing for them to consider when trying to determine what is wrong is that preventive maintenance is almost always less expensive than emergency maintenance. The time and money invested in sudden repairs are a hassle that nobody should have to go through. No homeowner wants to be left in the cold or smoldering in the heat. The winter months in Hillsboro can be extremely cold. A homeowner shouldn't be afraid to contact a technician because of costs or timing. Most professionals can be in and out in an hour and the cost of adhering to maintenance instead of waiting for a total breakdown is significantly less. The following list is some of the more typical situations that homeowners find themselves in:

  • The air conditioner won't turn on. This can be caused by a major break in the main unit like the compressor or the fan. It can also be a broken thermostat.
  • The utility costs are rising without a change in usage. This is an indication that the fluid levels may be low in a unit or that the ventilation system is clogged or leaking.
  • The home has well defined cold or hot spots. This is an indication that the ventilation system is leaking or blocked.
  • The main air conditioning or heating unit starts slow or runs long. This is most commonly caused by a broken thermostat.

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