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Our years of experience providing air conditioning service throughout greater Portland, and Multnomah County, has made 1-800- Cold Air the area’s premier company for air conditioning repairs. All across the company, you will see a professional level of service and knowledge that is unsurpassed by any other area air conditioning company. This drive towards excellence has been recognized by your friends and neighbors, and they continue to depend upon 1-800- Cold Air for all of their air conditioning needs.

1-800 Cold Air is a premier air condition repair company in Multnomah County!

As the premier air conditioning repair and service company in the area, what we offer our customers surpasses all other area companies.

  • Price – 1-800- Cold Air offers very competitive prices on all service, repairs, replacements, and maintenance that we perform. If another company should beat our price, we will match that price. It has been through our fair prices that customers have come to recognize the value that 1-800- Cold Air presents.
  • Guarantee – Your satisfaction guaranteed is a pledge that we make. It does not matter how small or how large the job, 1-800- Cold Air will stand behind all of our work and all of our materials. No matter the problem, we will always make it right for our customers!
  • Professional technicians – Our highly trained and professional technicians are the heart of our organization. When you blend the experience and the knowledge together, no other company can offer the same excellence of service than can 1-800- Cold Air. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians save our customers money every day. By being able to quickly identify problem areas, and having the knowledge and experience to handle them, greatly reduces the time that our technicians spend on the job.
  • Outstanding service – Customer service is recognized by all of our team members as being very important to our company. We want every customer to be a part of our family, and to receive the courtesy, and attention that they deserve. Whether it is our customer service representatives, our management team, or our service technicians, you should expect the best possible customer service from each and every one of our team members. Together, we will solve any air conditioning problem that your home or business may be experiencing.

Keep the air conditioning system of your home or business running smoothly

For the comfort of you and your family, or in the case of a business, your customers, the air conditioning system of your home or business must run smoothly whenever needed.. Through the maintenance programs offered by 1-800- Cold Air, we will be able to maintain your air conditioning system so that you will always be able to depend upon it functioning properly. Our maintenance programs will help prevent small issues from becoming large, costly problems. With programs designed for homes and businesses, and for every budget, you can help extend the life of your system by enrolling today.

Avoid these common air conditioning problems

Many homeowners and business owners encounter the three following problems. With some preventive maintenance, these problems can, often times, be avoided.

  • Water overflows – Water leakage in an air conditioning system is a problem that can be avoided. Water is created naturally through condensation. This moisture is collected in the drain pan of the air-handling unit, and then is removed from the system through a series of drainage hoses. It is when these hoses become clogged that water cannot drain from the system, and will eventually overflow the pan. If not corrected, this constant source of moisture will create an environment for mold to grow and flourish, and the moisture will cause damage to ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Insufficient cooling – When an air conditioning system does not produce sufficiently cool air, there are some typical reasons. First, the air filters within the system may be clogged, preventing air to flow easily through the system. Second, the cooling coils within the air handling unir may be dirty, not allowing an easy transfer of cold from the coils to the passing air. Low refrigerant may also be a cause for a system to fail to produce cold air. Without the proper refrigerant levels, an air conditioning system cannot function.
  • Electrical problems – Minor electrical problems can cause an air conditioning system not to perform. These problems can come in the form of loose connections, low batteries, or worn out parts. A constant maintenance of the electrical systems will prevent the system from failing when most needed.

We service all of all Multnomah County, including:

Portland, Fairview, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Maywood Park, Milwaukie, Troutdale, and wood Village.


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