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No Matter The Size Or Type Of Air Conditioning Repair Needed, Count on 1-800-Cold Air to Find The Solution!

Solving air conditioning problems quickly and efficiently is what we do. Our expert staff can be depended upon to provide the right answer for any air conditioning issue, large or small, and will save you money! Best product, best service, and best prices will always be provided by 1-800-Cold Air.  

Our goal is to provide the best air conditioning services possible!

At 1-800-Cold Air we believe that our customers deserve the very best service possible, including low prices, courteous service, and expert and timely repairs.

  • Repairs – The quality of any repair is determined by the experience and expertise of the service technician making the repair. Our professional air conditioning technicians are trained and experienced in making a wide array of air conditioning repairs. This training and experience allows our technicians to more quickly identify, and repair air conditioner problems.
  • Service – At 1-800-Cold Air, we believe that our responsibility is to deliver to each of our customers the best service possible. This service package not only includes polite and courteous responses, and timely response, but also such things as our twenty-four hour service program, and our Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Pledge. With these programs, our customers never have o go through an evening and a night waiting for a service technician to arrive. We are there when our customers need us. With our Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Pledge, our customers know that we will work with them until every problem is resolved, and they are completely happy. 
  • Products – At 1-800-Cold Air we believe that product selection is very important. When we purchase the products that we will use to repair and maintain the air conditioning system of your home or office, we look to buy only the very best. The better the product that goes into the system, the happier you will be with your air conditioning system. The same is true for a new system installation. The systems that we install are the best that we can find, and with the proper maintenance will provide years of comfort for you and your family.
  • Price – We understand that price matters. Therefore, as a company we look for ways to ensure that we are able to offer the lowest prices possible. Compare our rates for repairs, maintenance, and installations, and you will find that we are very competitive. In fact, we will meet or beat the price given by any of our local competitors.

Become part of the 1-800-Cold Air family today!

Contact us today for price quotes on any air conditioning repair or service that your home or business may need. See for yourself why your friends and neighbors depend upon 1-800- Cold Air for all of their air conditioning needs.

By having 1-800- Cold Air as your air conditioning service provider, we can help you avoid these costly problems:

By participating in one of our air conditioning maintenance programs, 1-800- Cold Air will help you avoid these costly situations.

  • Replacement – When properly maintained, an air conditioning system can last a very long time. It is when a system is neglected that parts deteriorate quickly, and the entire system will age. Our maintenance programs will extend the life of your home’s air conditioning system by providing the care and service that is required. Replacing an entire system will cost thousands of dollars. Protect your investment through a maintenance program!  
  • Structural repairs – Structural repairs can occur if an air conditioning system is not operating correctly. Moisture can escape from the system causing water damage to walls, ceilings, and floors. If left unattended, this continuous source of water can cause wood damage, leading to structural decline. In addition, the moisture could lead to the establishment of mold in your home or business that will become difficult and costly to remediate.  
  • Inefficient air cooling – A properly serviced air conditioning unit will provide enough cold air to properly cool your home or business. It is when a system lacks maintenance that air filters become clogged, debris gathers around the exterior compressor, and vents become blocked. Our maintenance program will eliminate these concerns, allowing you and your family to be cool and comfortable.

1-800-Cold Air provides outstanding air conditioning service and repair to all of Richland County, including:

Columbia, Arcadia Lakes, Blythewood, Cayce, Eastover, Forest Acres, Irmo, Mountain Brook, Spring Hill, State Park, and Wateree.

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