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Who Can I Count On For Expert Air Conditioning Repair And Replacement In Lexington, South Carolina?

Between the warm summers and harsh winters, Lexington gets the best and worst of all the seasons. That’s why you need to keep the 1-800-Cold Air hotline handy. It is your 24 hour connection to all your air conditioning and heating needs. Whether it is repairs, maintenance, or total system replacements, we have the solutions you need. Call today for a free inspection and no obligation estimate.

What can I expect when I call 1-800-Cold Air? 

When you call 1-800-Cold Air, you will be greeted by a real live person. They will always treat you with respect and answer your questions. We believe that good old fashioned customer service begins with that very first call and you can count on It to continue until you are another satisfied customer. Our certified technicians will respond to your home to give you a free assessment of your current heating and cooling systems and to make recommendations. You can expect:

  • No hassles or pressure. At 1-800-Cold Air you are going to notice something different about us. We aren’t going to try to pressure you into services or repairs you don’t need or want. In fact, we will always provide you with a written estimate or recommended services before any work begins so you can make an educated decision.
  • Time management. At 1-800-Cold Air we know that your time is important to you. So we will always strive to keep our appointments on time and to a minimum without sacrificing quality service. Our professional and friendly team will respond immediately to help you get your system up and running normal as soon as possible. 
  • Quality inspections. Our certified technicians will respond and perform a complete inspection. It will always be their goal to help identify any small problems that can be serviced before they become costly repairs later.

Will I need a total air conditioner replacement?

There is little doubt that as a homeowner, replacing the heating or cooling system is going to be one of the largest investments that you make. At 1-800-Cold Air, we want to help you get the most life out of your current system. But there will come a time that your system is no longer functioning or costs more to maintain than to replace. We are here to help you determine when that time has come. Our team will keep you on regular service and maintenance to help stay on top of little problems. When they recommend you replace your system you can trust that the time has come. They will help you every step of the way to find a system that fits your space, needs, and budget. Call today for a free no obligation estimate. 

Are there benefits to installing a new air conditioning unit? 

With all the advancements in technology, there has never been a better time to get a new air conditioning or heating system. Newer systems are more energy efficient then their older counterparts. When we install a new system you can enjoy these benefits:

  • The cleanest air possible. If you or anyone in your home suffer from allergies that you can breathe a big sigh of relief. The filtration on new systems are better than ever which means you will breathing in less pollutants, pollen, dust, pet dander, and mold than ever before.
  • Energy efficient. The changes in technology have created systems that run on very little energy. This is big news in the way of your monthly utility bills. Your system can actually begin to pay for itself, almost immediately! 
  •  Advanced technology. If you had a system installed ten years ago, it would have not even crossed your mind that one day you would be able to change the temperature in your home through the touch of a button on your smart phone! But today, thermostats are smarter than ever. By programming the temperature when you are home and away, you can expect to save hundreds of dollars each year on your energy expenses. 
  • Tax credit. When you install energy efficient appliances in your home, you often qualify for a tax credit in the year it is installed. This can mean extra help in making the decision to finally go to a new system. Call your local tax advisor for more information to see if you qualify.
  • A lasting warranty. Just having the very peace of mind that your cooling or heating system will work when you need it most it invaluable. But having that warranty that ensures that for years to come if something should go wrong with your unit, you are covered, well that is priceless. 

We service Lexington and beyond

Anywhere within Lexington County, you can call 1-800-Cold Air to be connected to top rated independent air conditioner contractors. We offer hassle free service in all of these cities:



South Congaree


Seven Oaks

West Columbia

Red Bank Columbia






Oak Grove



Pine Ridge


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