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Salt Lake Most Trusted Air Conditioning Repair Service Is 1-800-Cold Air

When customers “sing your praises,” as ours do, we know we’ve done our job right. We’re the air conditioning repair service that is most trusted in all of Salt Lake. We’ve earned our reputation for reliability, fast, accurate and affordable air conditioning service.

Faulty or poor performing air conditioners are not something you need to suffer with. If there are minor problems developing that are compromising the proper functioning of your unit we’ll seek and fix them. If there are major problems breaking your unit down to a halt we’ll get it up and running quickly.

What Services Can I Depend on With 1-800-Cold Air?

You’ll be pleased to know that 1-800-Cold Air is there when you need us most, and we’re there for you throughout the year to maintain the proper functioning of your air conditioner. We’re like your “partner” in home temperature comfort, with:

  • Service ‘round the clock – that’s right – 24 hours a day!
  • Emergencies
  • Same-day service even for non-emergencies
  • Cooling or heating; residential or commercial
  • Maintenance and assessment plans we call air conditioning repair troubleshooting to keep small problems from turning into breakdown
  • Air conditioner replacement and installment if it’s time for a new unit

Can You Cut My Electric Costs and the Energy Usage of My Air Conditioner?

Let us answer that question by saying that if it is your air conditioner that is the cause of your high energy consumption, in most cases yes, we can. But to promise this would not be responsible. There are many variances and reasons for high energy bills.

What we can tell you is that when your unit receives air conditioner maintenance at least twice a year, anything that may be causing it to work too hard and be inefficient we will find and fix! Not only that, but our expert technicians will discuss insulation of your home or building, and any other observations they make about conditions which may be allowing hot or cold air in (depending on the season). If they find insulation leaks then this could be what causes your air conditioner to have to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures; which can translate into a higher electric bill.

What if Your Technician Tells Me I Need a New Air Conditioner? How Do I Know it’s True?

Let us put your mind at ease with this question. For almost every air conditioning problem there is usually a solution to get it back up and running again. Unless you have a unit so old, and with so many problems that to repair would cost you more in parts, labor and energy usage that it’s not worth saving we are confident we will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter with the unit you’ve got!

Most often it’s a simple and single issue. We look for, find and fix:

  • Proper coolant levels
  • Moving and stationary mechanical parts
  • Proper lubrication for prevention of friction
  • Air filters – are they in place and are they clean?
  • Levels of coolant and lubricants,
  • Proper drainage of condensate
  • Sensor/thermostat functioning
  • Electrical connection – fuses and breakers

Breakdown is not always due to only one thing. If you “inherited” air conditioning problems from a former owner or renter of your home or building, unless you have a detailed history of air conditioner repair service calls, and what was performed in the way of maintenance, it is difficult to tell specifics about your unit until we fully assess it.

But the good news is, we have customers all over the Nation. We’re a large company and air conditioning service is the only thing we do. It’s our job to:

  • Gather statistics from our customer service calls – i.e., we compile information about what the “weak link” problem is in the various units we service across the Country.
  • Research industry information – i.e., we stay on top of which units have proven to last the longest with proper care, and which brands and models are in the top 5 or 10 for longevity and efficiency.
  • Continue training and learning as improvements and developments occur in air conditioning manufacturing occurs.

Tell Me More About 1-800-Cold Air and Why I Should Make You My Air Conditioning Contractor?

We don’t want you to take our word for it. We believe, as with our thousands of customers, that you will be reassured by the level of knowledge and expertise our air conditioning technicians show you. They will not only provide a written estimate but it is our policy to make sure our technicians fully explain what repairs they propose with facts and reasons to back up their recommendations.

We also train our staff to provide only the best in customer-friendly service, scheduling of convenient appointments and to treat you like you’re the most important customer ever! In fact, you are! We pledge that our customers come first no matter what!

So when you want to make the best possible choice when you hire an air conditioning repair service, read what other customers who are just like you have to say on our reviews and testimonials page

Our customers say they love our service agents and technicians because there is always a friendly, caring manner in each and every one. You’ll get helpful answers to any questions you have, and we’ll do everything we can to make appointments that are convenient for you!

Is There Anything Else You Can Tell Me?

We turn worried, first-time customers, into our greatest fans:

  • We are Affordable: Competitive pricing in Salt Lake County and a price-match policy if you show us a lower written estimate by one of our competitors
  • We Guarantee Our Work: If any problem recurs we’ll come back at no charge until everything is absolutely right with your air conditioner.
  • 1-800-Cold Air pre-screens each and every technician and employee with background checks, the Better Business Bureau and we verify licensing and insurance.

When our technicians come to assess your job they’ll tell you:

  • Exactly what the problem(s) is(are)
  • Recommendations for repair
  • The cost involved
  • Estimated amount of time to complete the job
  • Thorough written estimate with full explanation and answering your questions before you sign off to let us do the work

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