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How Can I Locate Quality Air Conditioning Repair Experts In Leesburg, Virginia?

Living in an area that has some of the best and worst weather each season means that you need your air conditioner and heating systems to be operating at their prime at all times. That’s why you need the experts at 1-800-Cold Air. Here, we work with you year round to ensure that your system is ready when you need it most. We can help with all services, repairs, maintenance, and even full system replacements. Our expert service providers are available 24 hours a day. Call today to schedule a no obligation estimate with our top rated air conditioning specialists.

You can trust the experts at 1-800-Cold Air to handle all of your air condition repair and service needs

We don’t want you to be swayed by a deal that is just too good to be true. The truth is you need the 1-800-Cold Air experts to handle your cooling or heating needs. They bring decades of experience to you. In order to ensure that you won’t be swindled by here today, gone tomorrow businesses they have done the leg work and research for you. This way, when you call you are sure you are reaching qualified, honest, independent contractors that give you the best that Leesburg has to offer. When you call you can always expect: 

  • Written quotes. There is no room for surprises when it comes to billing. We will always provide a complete inspection with a written estimate of recommended services so that you know what to expect and can make an educated decision. There are no hidden fees.
  • Gold standard customer service. At 1-800-Cold Air we offer you the best of the best when it comes to customer service. We will always greet you with a real person on the phone, give you top notch customer service at every step of the way. Call to see how we can change your opinion of the service industry, forever!
  • Expert inspections. At the time of service, we will send you our top rated industry professionals who will conduct a thorough inspection. It is their mission to find any small item before it becomes a costly repair later.

Do I really need a total air conditioner system replacement? 

There are literally dizens of reasons your heating or cooling systems could be malfunctioning. Between the allergens that can get trapped in your air conditioners duct work and poorly functioning and aging systems, that why you need the experts at 1-800-Cold Air. Our highly trained specialists, will identify exactly what condition your air conditioner is in by running a complete diagnostic analysis on your unit. They will do everything to get the most life out of your system. If it costs more to maintain the system to replace or the aging system is no longer operational, they will help you make educated decisions on replacing the unit. They will walk you step by step through the process helping you find the right system for your space, needs, and budget. 

Are there benefits to getting a new air condition system? 

Leesburg isn’t a sleepy little town, its now a thriving gateway to the nation’s capital. That means service industry professionals are flocking here in droves. Don’t trust just anyone with your most valuable investment! Call the experts at 1-800-Cold Air and they will service your unit or help you decide if a new system is right for you. These are some of the advantages to installing a new system:

  • The cleanest air. A modern system means new technology. One of the biggest advantages comes in the form of filtration. Everyone can now take a deeper breath while enjoying clean air that is practically free of minute particles of pet dander, pollen, dust, and other pollutants. Leaving behind clean, fresher, pure air.
  • A thermostat you can program. Having the ability to program your thermostat means you control the temperature at different points of the day. This isn’t just convenient, it can save you hundreds of dollars each year on your utility bills.
  • Peace of mind. You know the system needs to work when you need it to. So don’t wait to find out it is malfunctioning in the dead of winter or middle of the scorching summer. A new system has a warranty that ensures even years down the road that small issues are taken care of!
  • Energy efficient. Today’s heating and cooling systems are small, compact, and energy efficient. This means they take less energy and you save big! You can see the system start paying you back almost immediately.
  • Tax savings. Many people have discovered that in the year you install energy efficient appliances the government provides tax savings. To see if you are eligible, contact your local tax advisor!

We service air conditioners in Louden County and beyond

If you need repairs, service, or maintenance on your cooling or heating systems you can call 1-800-Cold Air any time day or night. We service all of Louden County including these areas: 

Stone Ridge




Telegraph Spring



Virts Corner





Oak Grove


Paeonian Springs




Loudoun Heights





Mount Gilead


















Georges Mill

Gilberts Corner









Potomac Falls

Potomac Green


Randolph Corner

River Creek

Round Hill Airmont


Saint Louis


Silcott Spring

South Riding


Sterling Park


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