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When a homeowner discovers that they are in need of a heating or air conditioning repair expert, the process of locating the best solution can be difficult. Instead of working alone, a homeowner should dial 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote" form on this website. Taking either of those two steps will connect the homeowner directly to a local expert that has been selected to participate in this referral network. The companies that participate in 1-800-Cold Air are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the field. They are local businesses that are familiar with the Virginia Beach City area. The advantage of using a small business is found in the quality of work and customer satisfaction. Small companies know that word of mouth is the best way for them to grow and that is achieved by high quality work. If a homeowner dials 1-800-Cold Air or fills out the "request a quote" form on this web page, they can be confident that they are making a wise decision.

How does an air conditioner or heater have such a large effect on the air quality in a home?

Outside o the most obvious feature of temperature control, the heater and air conditioner have a large affect on a home. The process of cooling the air, compresses and removes moisture. This process happens in reverse when the air is heated, allowing the air to hold more moisture. These two factors have an intense effect on the comfort of a home during wet heat and dry cold. Air filters also play a massive role in keeping the air quality up inside a home. These filters capture and prevent the circulation of many irritants that would otherwise dominate the inside of a home. The following list goes over some of the things that an air conditioner or heater will moderate:

  • Pollen- This substance can be a significant cause of allergies at any point of the year. Clean filters will capture this material before it ever has a chance to circulate through a home.
  • Mold- If a home has developed a mold problem, a clean filtration system is the first line of defense against it. This substance can cause serious health issues and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.
  • Humidity- This is controlled passively by the heating and cooling process of the main air unit. This can have a massive effect on the comfort of any interior space.
  • Bacteria- At any point in the year, airborne bacteria can be a major health risk. Clean filters will prevent bacteria from circulating through a home.
  • Dust- This can be such a major issue that it can actually clog air filters. This is a major allergen and irritant that no homeowner can ignore.
  • Pet dander- Animals shed pet dander at varying rates and it can be another source of irritation and allergies.

When is the right time for a homeowner to seek out air conditioning service or heating repair service?

When a homeowner suspects an issue with their heating or air conditioning system, they should immediately schedule an inspection. If they do not know when the last inspection took place, it is also a responsible choice to seek out a technician. Heating and air conditioning experts agree that the recommended timing for main unit inspection is once a year. They also recommend that air filters be cleaned or replaced once every three months. If a homeowner establishes this schedule and follows it, they can remove most of the risk that the unit may fail on them. Preventive maintenance is almost always less expensive than dealing with emergency problems. No homeowner wants to be caught in the depths of summer without air conditioning or the cold of the winter without heat.

What are the most common problems that a homeowner can spot that point to a need for air conditioner repairs or furnace repairs?

Many problems can arise in the heating and air conditioning units of a home. These devices have many moving parts and are almost constantly in use. While regular wear is to be expected, sometimes specific parts can malfunction or wear out unexpectedly. Problems can begin small and grow into major repairs overnight if ignored. The following list details some of the more common issues and what may be the cause:

  • The utility costs of a home have begun to rise without a change in usage. This is often pointing to a ventilation system that is clogged or leaking. Something is working harder than it should in the air system.
  • The home has very specific cold and hot spots throughout the year. This points the a ventilation system with leaks and clogs in it.
  • The air units will not turn on. This can be a major break in the fan or could be a small problem with the thermostat.
  • The air units run long and start slow. This points to a thermostat that is malfunctioning.

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