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No Waiting On Air Conditioning Repair When The Heat Hits Washington D.C.

When high temps hit Washington D.C., you’ll need to be prepared. If your air conditioner breaks down or isn’t functioning properly, 1-800-Cold Air is the cooling expert that's there when you need us!

We strongly recommend you don’t wait until you have an air conditioner repair need. The most cost-effective plan is to insure proper maintenance of your air conditioner with a special service we call “air conditioner repair troubleshooting.” Count on us for:

  • 24-hour service
  • Emergencies 
  • Same-day repairs

As we’ve mentioned above, we troubleshoot to provide proper maintenance and prevention of problems. We are also equipped for full-service air conditioning replacement and installation – both residential and commercial (including new building construction).

Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Expensive?

Maintenance will actually save you money in the long run! Why? Because a properly maintained unit has greater energy efficiency. Not only will maintenance help prevent your need for emergency repair due to breakdowns, but it will definitely cut down on your electric bill every month by enhancing energy efficiency. We provide you with:

  • Yearly plans at prices you can afford; customized to your needs and budget
  • Top expert air conditioning technicians – we only hire or subcontract the best!
  • Full assessments to be sure the insulation in your home is supporting the best possible efficiency of your unit.
  • Parts and labor at competitive pricing – no other air conditioning repair service has our special “price-match.”
  • Completely customer-care focused staff who will answer your questions and insure you convenient appointments that work with your schedule
  • Pre-screening and background checks of all technicians, insuring they are licensed and carry proper insurances.

The testimonials of our customers and the reviews we receive are our best advertisement. Much of our business is a result of customers spreading the word among their friends and family – and not just in Fairfax County. 1-800-Cold Air is available nationwide so that our customers can confidently refer anyone they know in the U.S. to our service.

What Do You Check When You Do Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Service?

Similar to changing the oil in your automobile every 3,000 miles, air conditioner maintenance should occur (at minimum) twice a year. You see, dust, debris, animal and even human hair can become clogging to the air conditioning filters. When that happens, if not regularly cleaned, air flow becomes reduced. Left unchecked this leads to disaster:

  • More allergens, dust and mites in your air
  • Buildup of dirt and dust deposits on the coils
  • Strain on the unit to pull air through
  • Greater energy use, stress and strain on parts
  • Eventually…..overheating and shut down or worse – breakdown!

Other minor problems may develop into a domino effect leading to a far bigger problem. Any and every machine requires periodic checkups and maintenance.

  • Hidden leaks may develop allowing refrigerant to escape
  • Algae and debris may clog the drain causing a backflow of condensate
  • Parts may require lubrication, cleaning and /or replacement or develop failure due to stress
  • Thermostat sensors may become jarred or even malfunction electronically causing incorrect cooling and heating temperatures.

We check your unit thoroughly to determine:

  • Which parts may need immediate repair – in other words, what is urgent?
  • Whether the chances are strong that the same problem may recur?
  • Is the problem worth repairing or is it time for replacement of the part(s); or even the air conditioner itself?
  • What is our experience with your unit make, model and performance for thousands of other customers in our national database? What does industry research say?
  • Was installation faulty to begin with?
  • Was previous air conditioning repair poorly done and/or has maintenance been thorough? If so, we have to look deeper for why your unit may have broken down.
  • Was the refrigerant overfilled by the previous repair service instead of looking thoroughly to rule out leaks?
  • What is the condition of the fuse and circuit breaker?

Will Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Save Me Money?

We realize many customers think air conditioning repair companies are merely trying to “upsell” an expensive service that is an unnecessary expense. Let us give you an example of how maintenance is cost-effective as a form of “insurance” or preventative measure:

  • Your air conditioner air filter serves a vital role in keeping your air clean. Air filter changes are relatively inexpensive and one of the easiest and simplest preventative measures, yet so many people neglect this simple maintenance step.
  • We rate filters by what’s known as the MERV rating, (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). Your HVAC system within your air conditioner cannot work as effectively in preventing allergens, mold and dust from remaining in your air if the filters get clogged; and when they do your HVAC system may fail. What was once an inexpensive and easy preventative now becomes an unfortunately expensive repair.

We will never recommend something your air conditioner doesn’t need and we will never push you into buying any further repair or service without solid reasoning to back up our recommendations. We want you to trust 1-800-Cold Air and to become a satisfied customer. 

We’re Available in The following localities within Fairfax County:


Bailey’s Crossroads

Belle Haven


Burke Centre





Dunn Loring

Fair Lakes

Fair Oaks

Fairfax Station


Fort Belvoir

Fort Hunt


Franklin Farm

George Mason

Great Falls





Hybla Valley



Kings Park

Kings Park West


Lake Barcroft

Laurel Hill


Long Branch



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Wolf Trap



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