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Searching For An Air Conditioning Repair Service In The Madison Area?

If a homeowner has determined that they are in need of an air conditioning repair technician in the Madison area, it can be a rough task sorting through all the choices. Instead of randomly picking a business, they should dial 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote" form on this website. Those two steps will connect the homeowner directly to a local business that will assign an expert to their case. The businesses that are allowed into this network are required to have a minimum of five years experience in the heating and air conditioning repair field. With that experience comes the knowledge that they will provide excellent customer service and quality work. These companies are often family owned. They know that their reputation is incredibly important to their success and will do whatever it takes to please their customers. These companies are capable of performing a wide range of air conditioning and heating services. They can completely replace a broken system or provide annual inspections if needed. If a homeowner needs excellent work done at competitive pricing, they shouldn't hesitate to dial 1-800-Cold Air or fill out the "request a quote" form on this website.

How exactly does an air conditioner or heater affect the comfort of a home?

The first and most important task of any air conditioner or heater is to control the interior temperature in a home. With that primary benefit comes secondary bonuses that are just as important to the comfort of an inside space. The cooling process involves an air compressor that condenses moisture in the air. This removal of moisture lowers the humidity and makes air much more comfortable. Almost the exact opposite happens when air is warmed, allowing it to retain much more water vapor and increasing the relative humidity. Air filters are also a critical portion of any air system. They capture a vast majority of the irritants and allergens that would otherwise circulate through a home. The following list contains many of the factors that a filtration and ventilation system moderates:

  • Pollen- This can be a major problem for allergy sufferers. The filters will capture the majority of this substance before it ever enters a home.
  • Bacteria- Airborne illnesses can be a major factor in the health of residents. Filters will capture and prevent circulation of this in a home.
  • Humidity- The heating and cooling process in a home will moderate water vapor to comfortable levels. This can have a major impact on quality of life in an inside space.
  • Mold- If mold has taken hold inside a home, the airborne spores can be a health risk and will spread the mold to other places. Clean filters will capture and prevent this substance from going any further.
  • Pet dander- If animals live inside the home, pet dander can become a major problem for allergy sufferers. Filters will prevent this from circulating in a home.
  • Dust- This is such a huge problem inside a home that it can clog and block air vents if not cleaned. This is a major reason why air filters need to be replaced.

What is the best timing for a homeowner to seek out air conditioning service or heating repair service?

Most technicians will agree that air conditioning service should be performed at a home once a year. During this annual check, a technician will make sure that fluid levels are where they should be and all the major mechanical parts of an air system are operating correctly. Experts also agree that air filters should be replaced or cleaned once every three months. The filters need to be replaced or cleaned to prevent clogs or blocks that could compromise airflow through the home. By scheduling maintenance and following a timeline, a homeowner is taking responsible steps to insure that their air system works year round without hiccups.

What are the most frequent issues that a homeowner can spot that indicate a need for air conditioner repairs or furnace repairs?

There are many signs that an air conditioner may be in need of repairs. If a homeowner suspects something is wrong, it is wise to contact a technician to have the system looked at. Preventive repairs are almost always less expensive than emergency repairs. Following a schedule of inspections is also less time consuming and easier on a homeowner. If a homeowner is unsure of the last time that an inspection took place, it is a good idea to have one done that establishes that timeline. The following list goes over some of the most common problems that a homeowner will encounter:

  • The air conditioner or heater will not turn on when they should. This can indicate that the thermostat is malfunctioning or may be a much more significant problem inside the main unit.
  • The air conditioner or heater runs longer than it should and is slow to start. This points to a problem with the thermostat or a possible failure of the fan inside the air system.
  • There are defined cold spots and hot spots inside the home. This is a warning that the ventilation system may be clogged or blocked.
  • The utility costs of a home have begun to rise without a change in usage. This points to a ventilation system that is leaking or a main unit that isn't operating at peak efficiency.

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