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Select Your Counties and Sign Up With Ease

There's NEVER a charge for Leads!

You select the county(ies) you wish to have air conditioning repair leads sent exclusively to you by telephone and by the Request a Quote form from the website.

Flat Rate County Fee

The monthly fees to exclusively own 1-800-Cold Air begin at just $10/month for a county with a population below 200,000. Each county’s fee is adjusted based on population sizes. For example, the monthly fee for San Francisco County, population 789,120, is $60/month. See the rate chart.

Multiple Locations? No Problem

If you have multiple locations in different market areas, you can choose to have the leads from each county sent to that location.

Your 1-800-Cold Air Calls Are Reviewable

Every 1-800-Cold Air call to your business is reviewable by you instantaneously and for up to 60 days after the call. Just login to the website through the CALLREPORTING.COM link at the bottom of the site. Our Call Recording feature allows you to review past incoming calls and review customer communications directly, at no additional cost. You can perfect sales performance, improve customer service, and reconfirm any information that may have been lost.

Monthly Lead Report

Each month you will receive a Lead Report showing all the calls you received the previous month (only 45 seconds or longer calls are considered leads) as well as copies of the Request a Price Quote forms that you received via email.

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