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Mobile Smartphone Strategy

In 2013 consumers purchased more smartphones than laptop and desktop computers combined. Innovative companies realize mobile is where they need their marketing to be.

  • incorporates mobile technology, and as a member we will help you capitalize on the growing trend of mobile search.
  • The website converts from the full desktop website version to a smaller easy to use mobile version when accessed from a cell phone. The Click-to-Call button encourages customers to simply hit “Call Now” and be directly connected to their local air conditioning repair member for that specific county.
  • When it comes to attracting new customers on a mobile device, 1-800-Cold Air gives your company an edge with superior click-to-call technology.

Organic Search Strategy

Our goal for the website is to acquire and maintain high-ranking search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our strategy to achieve this is complex, but it starts with a wealth of well written, relevant, high-quality content for each county page that the top search engines will, over time, give favorable search result placement for common keyword searches.

  • Our team of content developers consists of professional journalists and writers. The website begins with nearly 1 million words of air conditioning and county-specific relevant content. As we continue to add new members, every county activated has its content article written and embedded into the website. This means anyone searching the internet for service in your particular area will be directed to your business by the top search engines.
  • In addition to the county content, every new 1-800-Cold Air member is interviewed about their company and has a 300-word business description written describing their HVAC company, its history, cities and towns served, the services offered along with other pertinent information.
  • The counties you select become your company’s “county home page” displaying your personalized company information along with the county-specific content resulting in better search result placement and therefore more leads generated for your business.
  • As we increase the number of 1-800-Cold Air members who lock up their market areas, the site becomes even more robust with content. We expect to reach capacity when 1,500 counties owned by 750 HVAC members join, resulting in 1.7 million words of content. That’s more content than three volumes of War and Peace!

    The exponential content growth will benefit the entire site and every member’s county page.
Mobile ready
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